Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ohio Meets DC

I'm a week behind sharing this post folks, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share a fun visit with our Ohio family for their first time in DC. 
It was freezing you guys! Outfit details: JCrew Parka / Spanx Pants (similar here) / New Balance Tennies / Ray Bans / Louis Vuitton Bag

Ali (the Mama of this sweet family) was Ryan and his sister's nanny when they lived in Charlotte. She immediately became a part of the family and the rest is history. She now lives in Ohio with her husband (who was a groomsman in our wedding) and their three kids. Out of the whole bunch, Ali was the only one who had been to DC before, so it was really cool getting to experience our city with them. 
Having sweet Sully now and ensuring she gets enough naps and meals during the day can make spending all day out and about a little difficult. We made it work though, sometimes coming back to the house just the three of us while they popped in museums that we had been to plenty of times before. We did all manage to get out to the Natural History Museum, Georgetown, Arlington Cemetery, the Air Force Memorial (highly recommend) and the big memorials too. 
This Patagonia vest (sold out, similar here) has been one of Ryan's best purchases this season!
The Air Force Memorial is in Arlington and overlooks all of DC, it's a great one to visit you guys.

A big focus of the weekend though was just hanging out as a family, getting in good snuggles and watching Fuller House. The girls also introduced me to, have you guys heard of this app? You essentially lip sync to a dubsmashed song, record it and post it for your friends to see and interact with, it's pretty entertaining. 
Watch me whip, watch me nae nae (Morgan's face here cracks me up!).
We managed to fit in a date night too and went to the POV rooftop where we take all our guests and to dinner at Pennsylvania 6th which was pretty darn good, I loved the decor! 
Y'all... that is Benton's prosciutto in my drink!
Stay tuned for more pictures, but Sully had her one year smash cake session with Allison Shumate Photography (see our maternity, newborn and 6 month photos)  while they were here too and it was pretty entertaining...
Leave it up to my goofy husband to entertain us all while we were getting set up.

What a fun time we had with them visiting, my house feels pretty empty without this clan. Never fear though, my Nana and Papa are headed into town to stay with us for a week, so it won't be too empty for long!
Now, I can't leave ya without a Sully blooper, you know I have plenty of them...

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