Friday, April 22, 2016

5 on Friday: UNBREAKABLE!

It is Friday y'all and that means another 5 on Friday, can I get a whoop whoop?!

What's with the whoop whoops you may ask?! Weeeellllll... Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back! That's right, the most positive jokester is back and I couldn't be more excited. 

I was addicted to this Netflix series on evenings while on bedrest last year waiting for Miss Sully to arrive. Maybe that's why it is at the top of my Netflix fav list, but it also is written by Tina Fey and is 110% my sense of humor. Go check it out and let me know what you think (I will say I take it a couple episodes at a time, it's a little much all at once). 
The Saks Friends & Family Sale. I didn't go into depth on this one like I did Shopbop, but they had a pretty good little selection of Lilly on sale and ya know I can't resist that. I ended up getting Sully this little dress for $33. You even get 8% cash back when you go through ebates, click here to be routed.
I almost got this one too for my future big girl, but resisted :). 
I did try out these white Michael Kors jeans as I'm looking for a good pair of white skinnies. They arrived and are COMPLETELY see through! What is with that?! #lame 

Let me know if you have a suggestion for solid white jeans under $100. 
I am SO incredibly late to this party, but I kinda love rosé y'all. In my defense, when it boomed last year the thought of alcohol made me sick, let alone the fact that I couldn't drink it because I was super pregs or breastfeeding

What's your favorite kind? I've had like two glasses so far, so need some pointers :).
Confession time. I had Chic-Fil-A delivered to my house. Say whaaa... you heard me right. Postmates is my new favorite app. You order what you want from any restaurant or store (need some tp?!) in your area and then it searches for a driver to order and pick it up for you. Pretty darn cool. Especially for those of us that have sleeping babies, nothing in the fridge and a hubs at work. :)

Last, but most definitely not least. My baby girl turned one this week. Cry me a river (that's at least what I did on Tuesday)! How did this year fly by so fast?! I am glad I wrote this post though to look back on all the fun times had this year. 
Have an amazing weekend you guys! Don't forget to send me your white jeans and rosé suggestions pretty please.
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