Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What to Put in Baby's 1st Easter Basket

Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I was so excited to celebrate Sully's very first Easter this year. It was important to me to carry on family traditions even though we were not traveling to South Carolina. We went to Mass in the morning, wore our new Easter dresses (plus bonnet for Sully), made a great meal and filled an Easter basket full of goodies from the Easter Bunny.

That last one really got me though y'all, what do you fill a baby's Easter basket with?! They can't really eat candy and shouldn't eat a ton of it even if they can. We have a million books and oh my goodness, the toys coming out of every basket in our house are unreal. Then I was making Sully a snack cup to-go and realized I had the perfect egg fillers for her right under my nose. 
She loves these organic yogurt drops and when you mix a few of the bags together, they look just like candy. After that, I just picked out some eggs (Target glitter eggs were a no brainer), stuffed them and we were good to go. I also found a loofa with a bunny attached that I couldn't help but throw in since she's always trying to steal ours during her bath time. And the vanilla white chocolate dipped Peeps, well, you got me, those are for Mama :). 
I pre-ordered her basket from Pottery Barn kids when they had an Easter sale (it's now on sale again!) and loved the way it came out. So glad to have something she'll use for years and years! We also are keeping all her bows in it in her room right now since the handle folds down.
Speaking of cute eggs, how adorable is this monogrammed egg my Mom sent me?! She also sent one for Sully and one for Ryan with their monograms. We actually have Sully's still taped up with jelly beans inside because she likes to shake it like a little hand maraca. And yes, the bunny has a monogrammed ear that says "Sully Lou", so cute. Thank you Nonna!
My Mom ordered these off Facebook, just search for and message Ashley Shai Lesley for the eggs and Angie Ward Lovelace for the bunny.

The sweet gifts from the grandparents didn't stop there, look at this adorable plush bunny with removable egg and chick from Sully's Lala. She totally outdid the Easter Bunny this year with this little lovie. You're the best Lala, thank you!
What are some other ideas to fill little one's baskets?!
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