Monday, May 23, 2016

Cocktails at Zero George in Downtown Charleston

I found your favorite place for cocktails and delicious eats with a classic southern historic view in downtown Charleston – Zero George CafĂ© + Bar. I’ve known about Zero George for some time, but thought of it purely as a luxury hotel and a bit inaccessible to be honest.
Well goodness was I wrong y’all! I’m actually almost mad that I’ve been missing out on this place during all our recent visits to Charleston for weddings and other events over the past couple years. And let's be honest, compared to DC prices, its really no biggie. 
~Ok, let me set this up for you… you’re wandering down historic George Street after a day of shopping three blocks away on King Street and you're ready for that perfect, not too sweet cocktail to cool your lips from the inevitable humidity looming all around. You arrive at two iron gates that open up to a beautiful garden and old brick landing surrounded by possibly the five most gorgeous Charleston structures you’ve ever seen. Directly in front of you sits four retro blue bikes ready for a stroll. Look to your right and make sure to wave hello to the couple as sweet as that tea they're sippin' on the front porch right outside their room.
After this moment of bliss, you turn left, walk up to the Kitchen Carriage House and step over the perfectly patina’d transom where you’re greeted by friendly staff and most surprisingly, a gorgeous and quaint kitchen full of beautiful cookware and chefs hard at work.
You are then seated, a matter in which you have many options both inside and out. Peruse the menu that has your mouth watering and leads you to have the barkeep’s recommendation. After all, how is one to choose between the American Surrealist made of whiskey and lavender syrup (pictured below), or The Red Scare made of tequila and habanero simple syrup.
Photo courtesy of the lovely Alexandra Bee Blog

Next are some eats for the table, an easy decision when the first two menu items are not-so-traditional “Deviled Eggs” which not only contain an option with black truffle, but also one with caviar. Next on the menu is the Grass Fed Tenderloin Tartare with, and I quote, “Hen Egg Botarga”. Trust me, it’s all you could ever dream of when it comes to a small plate.
The drink and food orders go on. Before you know it, the sun is setting and you realize why even locals are clamoring to stay just a stone's throw away at the accommodations on the grounds. It is truly somewhere you never want to leave and will always be craving a trip back.~
Do you see what I mean? This is why I am counting down the days to my next visit (we already have reservations for our trip in June!). All the above photos are from my visit while I was down for the Southern C Summit (day 1, day 2, day 3). I met up with the below bloggers and really enjoyed the time out in our private room with champagne, cocktails and delicious noshes. A HUGE thank you to Byrdhouse PR who helped organize this fabulous get together!  
From left to right: Tiffany of Skipping Breakfast at Tiffany's, Allie of Alexandra Bee Blog, Paula of Paula Rallis, Yours Truly and Meg of Borrowed Heaven
I was so excited to meet these two wonderful ladies y'all! I've been following along for awhile and am completely in love with their blogs! From left to right, you know Allie, then we have Cayce of Hanging with the Hewitts and Ashley of Sweet Southern Prep.
What are your favorite places in Charleston for cocktails?
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