Friday, May 13, 2016

Five On Friday: Celebration Month Begins!

I refer to May as our month of celebrations. We've got Mother's Day, Ryan's birthday, the Derby, our anniversary (this year it's our 5th!), this little blog's anniversary (2 years!) and in 2016, four weddings too! 

Things really seemed to kick off this week and I'm excited to share a little snippet here for Five on Friday with you. Before we jump right in to the celebrations though, I just have to share two things with you... 

The one room challenge is complete and full of inspiration!
Have you guys been following along on the one room challenge this year at all? I really enjoy seeing updates from some of my favorite bloggers on this challenge in which they took six weeks to update a room from top to bottom. It wrapped up this week and I loved seeing fellow Summit attendees share their rooms - right now Paige from the Pink Clutch has my top vote, although I'm really loving the Mandy's office from Waiting on Martha. Who are your favs?
Speaking of the Summit, did you see my feature on the Southern C e-newsletter today?! 
I was delighted to see The Southern C share my blog recap of 5 Key Takeaways from Day One at the Southern C Summit. Visit their website and subscribe in the blue box to the right so you don't miss another newsletter!
Now on to some celebrations....

Happy 28th birthday Ryan! 
Sully now understands how to blow out candles. How she learned this, Lord only knows. Wherever she picked it up, it was pretty darn cute watching her blow the candles out with her Daddy on his "cake", Strawberry Pretzel Salad

The most precious and thoughtful gift for a one year old. 
I'm giddy to share Sully's "Babies who Brunch" first birthday with you, but in the meantime was so excited to see this post pop up in my Bloglovin feed. I seriously teared up thinking of this gift and reading the words from one of my besties, Allie of Alexandra Bee Blog. She and her beau gave Sully the most special and thoughtful gift I've ever seen, I was (and really still am) blown away by this precious gesture. Click on over to her blog to learn more. 
A Derby Party and Mother's Day.
We had the best weekend at home (finally!). Some of our closest friends here in NoVA threw a fantastic Derby party on Saturday and on Sunday we celebrated my second Mother's Day. You absolutely have to click over to Catherine's blog to see her decor, beautiful Beatriz Ball serveware and out-of-this-world delicious recipes!
I made my classic bourbon chocolate pecan pie for the occasion!
I got my Mother's Day wish and we had the perfect day lounging around as a family after Mass on Sunday. Thank you Ryan and Sully for making me feel like the most loved Mama in this whole wide world!
Sully and Dada gave me a card that said... "I hope this Mother's Day is much more enjoyable than the day you birthed me" ha!
Ryan made me blueberry and blackberry french toast with whipped cream!
Don't worry, Sully helped me eat it!
By the time I remembered to break out our matching Lilly for Target, which launched the day she was born, Sully had pretty much already outgrown this sweet shift.

Now we're off to South Carolina for a weekend of weddings! Stay tuned in on Snapchat (name: ephilli) as I visit Greenville and Charleston and attempt to do two weddings in one day :). 

Here's who I'm teaming up with today on this Five on Friday: A. Liz AdventuresCarolina CharmHello! Happiness and The Good Life.
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