Friday, May 6, 2016

Five on Friday: Charleston Edition

Well hey there y'all! Man, I am missing contributing to this little blog regularly. If you read my post yesterday, you saw I'm feeling "the swirl" here lately, hence being a little MIA. That said, I'm excited to bring you another Five on Friday, this time a Charleston edition!
Here's what's been going on... I left last Tuesday night to attend the Southern C Summit, then headed up to Greenville for Sully's first birthday party that weekend, had an eventful flight back to DC (let's just say we were escorted off the plane with one sick little girl) and then I jumped in the car to travel for work. Now I'm finally back at home, but not for long because next weekend we head back to SC for two of my bestie's weddings (see their bachelorettes here in NYC and here at the lake). 

Phew! But we're all feeling it to some degree, right (insert raising hand emoji)? Maybe more, maybe less. All in all, I wouldn't have changed any of the fun things I was doing for the world (ok, maybe Sully getting sick on the flight) and I am so excited to roll out a series of posts on the Summit, Sully's "Babies Who Brunch" birthday and more! 

I have a new favorite Charleston restaurant, Cru Cafe. It's been around forever, it's a little off the beaten path (more towards Market Street) and might possibly be one of the coziest and most delicious experiences I've had in Charleston yet. The menu was fantastic and impossible to choose just one thing. 
This was a little gift, or amuse bouche, from the kitchen to start!
We felt like VIPs with Chef Erin (the best name EVER ;)) gracing our table multiple times. And the home where it is located is a great balance between feeling like you were in a restaurant, yet also in your neighbor's home (if they lived in historic Charleston). Couldn't recommend it more - if they have the scallops while you're there, get them!
Chef Erin was gracious enough to let me, Meg (of Borrowed Heaven) and Allie (of Alexandra Bee Blog) into the kitchen for a picture!
I also have a new must-visit place when you're in town, Zero George. Are you guys tired of hearing me say "most" and "gorgeous" and "fantastic" yet? Well, sorry 'bout it, but Zero George's restaurant and bar was one of the most gorgeous and fantastic places I've ever been ;). A whole post to come later on this experience, but for now I'll leave you with this beautiful space I just want to move right into... 
I have discovered a new love - being a chandler. In other words, I love being a candle maker. I organized a class specifically for Southern C folks at Candlefish and it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. If you're in Charleston, you HAVE to go by Candlefish, whether you're there to make a candle or not, it's a beautiful store full of beautiful people. And a great place to buy Mother's Day gifts too if you still need one and live in Charleston! So much more to share in the future here too...
King Street is still my favorite place to shop. It's got it all and you feel like you're in the Notebook walking down the historic street (because, well, the Notebook was really filmed here :)). My favorite purchase this trip was my double horn necklace (similar one here) made by Atlanta-based jewelry designer and fellow Summit attendee, T. Marie. We happened upon her trunk show in The Finicky Filly and I wanted pretty much everything in that store.
Another favorite shop, and attendee of the Summit, Moon & Lola!
Isn't T. Marie's jewelry gorgeous!?!

Me and Tiffany at our candle making class and Candlefish!
Take me back! As you can tell, we had a blast in Charleston and I can't wait to share more with you next week when I post about The Southern C Summit

Oh, and don't forget to enter the $100 giveaway to Design Darling at the bottom of my Lilly nursery tour post!

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