Thursday, June 16, 2016

Our Baby Bedtime Routine with Softsie

I’m always so curious to know what other parents do for bedtime, mealtime and everything in between. There’s a million ways to parent and I’m so encouraged when other Mamas open up and share how they get things done. That’s why I’ve decided to post about our bedtime routine, plus let you in on my favorite PJs for Sully by Softsie (she even wore them on her bday below).
We got pretty lucky I have to say, Sully LOVES going to bed. If it gets too late she’ll even grab the dish towels off of the oven and lay down on them putting herself to sleep on the kitchen floor, no joke. We try to keep blankie and passie confined to the crib or car, hence only having dish towels to reach for, ha!

After dinner around 5/5:30 we get an hour to an hour and a half of play in before it’s time to start winding down. First step for us in this process is a shower. We've found she prefers a shower over a bath (+ I feel like the tub in our rental is a little unsafe if you ask me). Her favorite bath toy... a flexible measuring cup. Go figure!

Then it's time for PJs after her bath. We’re actually pretty picky about PJs because I feel like what Sully has on truly does affect her sleep. My all-time favorite is her Softsie one-piece in the black and white pendants. Complete disclosure, I was sent this for free to review, but I am serious when I say they’re my absolute fave! I would put them on Sully every night if we had enough. And honestly, some days she just wears them all day long (hello lazy Sundays!).

So why do I love our Softsie pajamas so much? It's too much to write out, so here's some bullets for those of y'all like me that love a good list...
  • So darn soft (hence the name!)
  • Infused with all-natural aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E, great because Sully has such dry skin 
  • Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and SPF properties
  • Chemical-free and hypoallergennic
  • Snug fit for flame resistance
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect amount of stretch, it’s not hard to put on, but doesn’t go loose in any place
  • It zips (why do they even do snaps still anyway?)
  • Feet have grips, so important once they start walking
  • With wash and wear at least 2x/week, it hasn’t lost any of its quality
  • Developed by a fellow Mom. Natalie, the founder, is super sweet and I feel like all of us Mom's can relate to her story in some way.
  • Oh and it’s really cute, I also love the mint color too! 
Back to the routine though, after bath and PJs, we make a “baba” which we’re trying to get away from/transfer to milk but are just having the darndest time. She hates it in the sippy cup, she expects water and is totally freaked out by the milk in her cup. Would love any suggestions on this transition!
We snuggle with blankie while she has baba and then it’s time for prayers and bedtime. I want to start incorporating a book in somewhere, but she just gets so tired we’re lucky to even make it through prayers sometimes before she’s jumping to get in her crib.

As an overview, here’s our (ideal) bedtime schedule:

 6:15pm :: Start routine with bath/shower
6:45pm :: Diaper, Desitin, lotion, brush teeth and hair and put on PJs
7pm :: Make bottle and settle in to eat and snuggle
7:30pm :: Bedtime with prayers 

What do you guys do for bedtime? 

Also, here's where to buy Sully's PJs, I cannot recommend them enough! Let me know if you have any questions and make sure to follow along on their Insta and Facebook too, super cute baby pics alert!

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