Friday, July 29, 2016

Five On Friday: My New Fav App

HAPPY FRIYAY! This week both flew by and seemed long, do you know what I mean? Not even gunna lie, I'm just sitting over here thinking, "Hallelujah we survived another week of daycare!" 

Have you heard of Emoticode? It's an app that provides you shoppable images from Snapchat and Instagram using... EMOJIS! Well, two specific emojis that is, the ghost and the rocket. So when you see your favorite Snapchatters and Insta users posting pics like the one below, now you know what it is! 
Image from Emoticode's website of the awesome Julia Engel's posts.

How does it work? As long as you have the app downloaded, you can take a screenshot when you see these emojis together and will have an image ready in the app to click and shop. Call it #creeperstatus, but I love this app so I can see where my fav people bought their cute outfits from on the reg.

I'm going to give it a try today on my Snapchat (name: ephilli) so make sure to download the app here.

All the hype over the #NSale (see my picks here) got me in the shopping mode, so I'm linking up some of my favorite finds recently, including my staple summer sandal that are on sale and an awesome $15 tee shirt!

Sullivan has started loving bath time! My little mermaid is so in love with bath time these days, she flipps on to her stomach and kicks and splashes all around while squeeling at the top of her lungs. It's freaking adorable. 
What are some of your favorite bath toys for toddlers?

Calling all blog posts on Paris and the Amalfi Coast!!! I need to get my rear in gear for planning our Europe trip that is in ONLY 5 WEEKS! I've done nothing. Ok, so I have the big things booked (flight, car service, lodging), but no restaurant reservations or activities or even a schedule or packing list. Can you tell I'm freaking out a little?! This move has just thrown the Europe trip planning for a loop. 
Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere just went to Paris and I'm loving what she's shared so far.

Anyway, I would love to read any and all blog posts you might have or know of on Paris or the Amalfi Coast. These are pretty popular places to visit people, bring on the links in the comments! 

Obviously, I'll take any and all suggestions too that aren't in blog posts or that you've already shared :).

It's no secret we're house hunting right now, you saw it in this post where I talked about ranch style homes and on my Insta and Snapchat (ephilli), so I'm just going to throw this out there... if you or someone you know lives in the Old Village/Old Mt. Pleasant area of Charleston and are even toying with the idea of selling your/their home, LET ME KNOW! Seriously. Thank you :). 
I mean how could I not want to live near a place that has a coffee shop that is this cute?! 
And that's it folks, would love your thoughts and answers to the above! 

Here's who I'm teaming up with today on this Five on Friday: A. Liz AdventuresCarolina CharmHello! Happiness and The Good Life.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Are You Using Bloglovin'?

Hi friends! Can you believe that it's almost August?! I was looking at my agenda, scheduling some meetings, and realized that Monday kicks off August, so crazy. This summer has just completely flown by you guys.

Today I'm just doing a quick little checkin to see how you guys are following blogs? My favorite tool is Bloglovin' and after talking to a group of folks the other day, I realized that not everyone is familiar with this great site. It's the main way I keep up with fellow bloggers, find new bloggers and save blog articles I love or want to reference later (find me here). 
You can sign in with Facebook or email and then you just add your favorite blogs to your feed. They also have an app that I enjoy. You can get an email each day too with new posts from blogs you follow. It's a pretty layout and really intuitive. It can even suggest blogs based on what you're pinning on Pinterest.  Click here to see all the blogs I follow. 

Most bloggers have their Bloglovin' connected on their blog which you can easily find by looking for a heart icon of some kind next to all their other social icons. Here's an example from my page, see the little heart in the middle?
For fellow bloggers, they also offer blog analytics, an influencer program called Activate and other tools which are great. All you have to do is "claim" your blog to get started - here are the directions

So, are you guys using Bloglovin'? If so, leave a link or your name in the comments so I (and others) can follow along. 

How else are you following blogs?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Welcome Home Wednesday: Renovated Ranch Homes

Let's talk about ranch style homes. 

Can't say I love them. Of all the types of beautiful houses out there, ranch styles are the kind I like the least my darlings. Ranches are the Isaacs in a group of Taylors and Zachs. They're the Howies in a group of Backstreet Boys. The Michelles in a group of Beyonces. You get where I'm going... 
But y'all. I might just end up buying one.

Ha! Yep, you heard me right. So let me explain because I feel you over there thinking, "Hello Erin, you live in Charleston, SC now, it's the world's #1 city(!) and you're going to buy a ranch style home, what about the gorgeous two storied double side porch homes in pastel colors?!" 

Well you guys, there's this little pocket of homes in Mount Pleasant, right over the Ravenel Bridge from the peninsula called the Old Village and it is so adorable and gorgeous. Not any cheaper than downtown unfortunately, but definitely more family friendly (hello awesome schools!) and less full of tourists. But. The majority of the homes in our price range around the Old Village and Old Mt. Pleasant area are ranches.

To make myself feel better, I did what any girl would do and took to Pinterest. And I can totally do this! I can totally love a ranch y'all! I mean how cute are the homes above?! I'm thinking I can take a traditional ranch and renovate it to be an adorable southern, coastal home (with a side of ranch). Here's a look at what else I found for this week's Welcome Home Wednesday...







Ok and yes, I realize not all of these are just a simple ranch with a little botox ($), some of these have full on implants ($$$$), but you get where I'm going!

What do you think? Ranches can be super cute right? Would love your thoughts especially if you've renovated a ranch.

Click here to see my full Charleston Home inspiration board on Pinterest. Plus, follow along on Snapchat (name: ephilli) as we continue to house hunt TONIGHT!

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Recap (+ Charleston House Hunting)

Happy Monday folks, I am so grateful for a new week! Last week was a tad rough (shared some here), but I'm already feeling super excited for the week ahead after a very productive weekend. I haven't done this in awhile, so here's a little weekend recap for ya.
Escapada Ophelia Top (on sale!) // Jeans (sold out, just bought these) // Tory Burch Wedges (sold out, similar) // Ray-Bans // Tiffany Necklace // Bamboo Bangle (sold out, similar) // Julie Vos Bangle // Louis

On Friday, Ryan and I booked a sitter for after Sully went down and took a little date night. I've been dying to try 167 Raw, but everyone told us not even to attempt it because they don't take reservations and the wait is extremely long. Well, luck was in our favor because we showed up and it was only a 15 min wait. The icing on the cake... we got two seats at the chef's table!
My favorite things are salty raw oysters and crisp rosé and this is exactly what we got, it was awesome! Not to mention, Ry and I hadn't gotten a chance to catch up on life just the two of us, so it was really nice. We also tried the ceviche, fish tacos and tuna burger - definitely order the tuna burger if they still have them while you're there, they go fast! 
Saturday was filled with house hunting in downtown Charleston and the Old Village + surrounding area in Mt. Pleasant. It's hard house hunting with a little one, but our realtor Krystine (her Insta is to die for, btw) was so patient with us!
On Sunday, we woke up super early with a sick baby (I knew this would happen after her first week at daycare). We did manage to almost make it all the way through Mass on the island. Then we just took it super easy, encouraging lots of water, a steam shower, naps and snuggles. 

We also did a lot of organizing on Sunday which is making me feel much more settled. Stay tuned on Snapchat (name: ephilli), I'm going to do a mini tour of our apartment soon that we have for temp housing!
Dress (on sale for $15!) // Bow (ordering this one next) // Gold Sandals

What did you guys do this weekend?! 

Who's familiar with the Charleston area, would you vote living in Mt. Pleasant's Old Village area or in downtown Charleston? 

PS: You guys were loving this rug (seen in this post) and these shoes on Insta (follow along here), so linking up where to find them!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Unique Rehearsal Venue in Charleston, SC

Howdy readers and happy Friday-eve! 

I've had quite a back log of things to share lately and have been so antsy to bring you today's post. We had the honor of celebrating our dear friend's rehearsal dinner at the Cooper River Room at the Mt. Pleasant Visitor Center in Charleston, SC. I thought this was such a unique rehearsal venue as it is kind of tucked away, but then opens up with some of the most beautiful views I've ever seen of Charleston between the expansive marsh and Ravenel bridge gleaming. 
We were greeted with refreshing champagne cocktails when arriving and took advantage of the time before speeches, the band and dinner kicked off to take some photos. 
Ry grabbed my phone and even with the setting sun and cloudy weather, managed to get some pictures of this outfit I was so in love with. I paired my lilac lace dress from ASOS (currently on sale for only $55!) with my bright yellow Lisi Lerch tassel earrings, Tory wedges you see me wear all the time (sold out, similar) and what I normally carry as my wallet (sans strap) that looked like it was almost color matched exactly to the dress.
The party was a huge hit and a great way to catch up with everyone who couldn't be at the previous night's festivities. Yes, it was definitely steamy, but how can you even notice with yummy King of Pops served as a nightcap?
Up next... the wedding itself which was at Boone Hall Plantation (a place many of you might recognize from only my favorite movie ever). Anyone else obsessed with Lisi Lerch like I am? What is your fav color or style, I'm looking to add one more pair to my collection and really love these (on sale).
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