Friday, July 29, 2016

Five On Friday: My New Fav App

HAPPY FRIYAY! This week both flew by and seemed long, do you know what I mean? Not even gunna lie, I'm just sitting over here thinking, "Hallelujah we survived another week of daycare!" 

Have you heard of Emoticode? It's an app that provides you shoppable images from Snapchat and Instagram using... EMOJIS! Well, two specific emojis that is, the ghost and the rocket. So when you see your favorite Snapchatters and Insta users posting pics like the one below, now you know what it is! 
Image from Emoticode's website of the awesome Julia Engel's posts.

How does it work? As long as you have the app downloaded, you can take a screenshot when you see these emojis together and will have an image ready in the app to click and shop. Call it #creeperstatus, but I love this app so I can see where my fav people bought their cute outfits from on the reg.

I'm going to give it a try today on my Snapchat (name: ephilli) so make sure to download the app here.

All the hype over the #NSale (see my picks here) got me in the shopping mode, so I'm linking up some of my favorite finds recently, including my staple summer sandal that are on sale and an awesome $15 tee shirt!

Sullivan has started loving bath time! My little mermaid is so in love with bath time these days, she flipps on to her stomach and kicks and splashes all around while squeeling at the top of her lungs. It's freaking adorable. 
What are some of your favorite bath toys for toddlers?

Calling all blog posts on Paris and the Amalfi Coast!!! I need to get my rear in gear for planning our Europe trip that is in ONLY 5 WEEKS! I've done nothing. Ok, so I have the big things booked (flight, car service, lodging), but no restaurant reservations or activities or even a schedule or packing list. Can you tell I'm freaking out a little?! This move has just thrown the Europe trip planning for a loop. 
Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere just went to Paris and I'm loving what she's shared so far.

Anyway, I would love to read any and all blog posts you might have or know of on Paris or the Amalfi Coast. These are pretty popular places to visit people, bring on the links in the comments! 

Obviously, I'll take any and all suggestions too that aren't in blog posts or that you've already shared :).

It's no secret we're house hunting right now, you saw it in this post where I talked about ranch style homes and on my Insta and Snapchat (ephilli), so I'm just going to throw this out there... if you or someone you know lives in the Old Village/Old Mt. Pleasant area of Charleston and are even toying with the idea of selling your/their home, LET ME KNOW! Seriously. Thank you :). 
I mean how could I not want to live near a place that has a coffee shop that is this cute?! 
And that's it folks, would love your thoughts and answers to the above! 

Here's who I'm teaming up with today on this Five on Friday: A. Liz AdventuresCarolina CharmHello! Happiness and The Good Life.

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