Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Welcome Home Wednesday: Colorful Throw Pillows

It's Wednesday y'all! Things have been a bit crazy in the Phillips household with movers and road trips and flights and more (see what I mean on Snapchat, name: ephilli or click here on mobile). 

I was feeling inspired though as the movers were packing up our neutral linen pillows on our neutral white couches. We're moving to Charleston, time to update those throw pillows and add some big pops of color! But oh there are so many options, let me know what you guys think of the below options on this week's Welcome Home Wednesdays post...

Do we go Palm Beach Cool? Especially when the flamingo pillow is only $20.
Flamingo ($20) // Palm ($125/pair) // Pink Greek Key ($45)

I've always loved some zebras (all you 90s kids remember to faux zebra print everywhere!) and this pillow is not only super affordable but so cute when tamed down with some very traditional monogram and lime pillows.
Zebra ($20) // Monogram ($95) // Lime ($38)

 Now I said I wanted some colors, how about these? #AllTheColors
Solid ($20) // Floral ($99) // Coral ($24)

I'm a fan of print on print, the bolder the better, especially on something as easy to change out as throw pillows.
Stripe ($56) // Watercolor ($60) // Multicolor ($175)

I am moving to South Carolina after all, how about a traditional gingham paired with this fun tropical print that isn't as typical as the palm leaves you're seeing everywhere.
Tropical ($199/pair) // Gingham ($30) // Velvet ($25)

There's a big trend in abstract right now whether it's marble/agate prints, watercolor strokes, graphic prints and more.
Marble ($60) // Double Dipped ($45) // Graphic ($98)

Maybe I'll only take a small step away though, keep some of the neutral and add in a stripe and lime green leopard print.
Neutral ($30) // Stripe ($32) // Leopard ($35)

Now, a lot of these pillows are not going to come with luxurious fluffy inserts and will even be sewn up. I always order inserts, these are my favorite, and unstitch or unzip and pull out the factory insides. It makes the world of difference! And your $20 pillows will look like $200 pillows, #winning.

What do you guys think? What are your favorites?
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Click the images below to shop my favorite pillows:

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