Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Welcome Home Wednesday: Favorite 2x3 Rugs

Hello from Charleston, SC! I've got plenty of updates (some at the end of this post), but first want to share a little Welcome Home Wednesday with you. Especially after the great feedback from last week's post on colorful throw pillow combos! 

Our fully furnished temporary apartment (which is awesome!) unfortunately has zero rugs, so I went on the hunt for a few small 2x3 rugs to put in the kitchen and by the doors. I absolutely fell in love with one from Target for only $14 and thought I would share all my favorites with you today, most pretty darn cheap. Enjoy!
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{ONE} This is the one I mentioned above from Target, I put it in our kitchen and I'm obsessed, I might actually go buy a backup considering it's so cheap. You should see the pink and blue and pattern in person!

{TWO} Can't go wrong with a thick weave jute, love these by the door (sale alert!)

{THREE} Mint and navy paired together is my jam lately, just like in this stripe rug

{FOUR} I prefer finding these small oriental styles at antique shops, but this one is perfect for a temp apartment (currently on sale)

{FIVE} Kate Spade has done it again, and for under $40

{SIX} If you've seen Sully's nursery, you know I love this style (also currently on sale!)

{SEVEN} Sheepskin in a pretty grey/purple is perfection, these are even pretty draped over a chair

Ok so life update. We've had an INSANE last few days. I completely forgot how hard it is to move states! We got here late Friday night and it's just been non-stop. And I couldn't have made up Monday's events even if I tried... we were on our way to Sully's first day of daycare ever and she choked on her milk and voms all over her cute outfit, poor thing. Then when I get her changed and washed off (with baby wipes and coconut hand sanitizer), I get to the front door and the daycare unexpectedly closed due to a power outage. It was just temporary though so I ended up getting her in later and then proceeding through mounds of paperwork. Which, by the way, you've got to get South Carolina DHEC to certify your immunization records if you're coming from a different state, who knew. I proceed to then drive home and fire up my computer for my first day working remotely and my computer corrupted and I couldn't login. I ended up having to overnight it to Richmond and will get it back tomorrow morning. Yep, pretty fab first day. But, hey, at least this is my view from my apartment desk where I work:
Mamas and Dadas with a baby in daycare, please tell me it's going to be okay. Today was rough for Sully, she turned red as a tomato and cried huge crocodile tears when I dropped her off. When I picked her up, the teacher said she didn't eat or sleep all day and was pretty upset most the time. Is this normal? If so, how long will it take for her to get adjusted? If not, should I look into alternative care options? Help! I'm pretty torn up about it, not gunna even lie.

But today is hump day and it's all gravy from here, right?! Gotta stay positive peeps!

PS: Click the images below to shop this post :)

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