Friday, August 19, 2016

Five on Friday: Lilly Pulitzer SALE!

Twas the Friday before the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale and all through the blogosphere all the Lilly lovers were stirring...  You get where I'm going with this :). 

MONDAY (8/22) AT 8AM the Lilly sale launches on their site (+ in stores). It's seriously my favorite sale of the year (ear muffs #NSale) and is pure joy and madness haha. So here are my top five tips on how to shop the sale. Plus, something new this year!
Sully is in a Baby Lilly Shift here and I'm wearing the Sophie Dress in Southern Charm. The Baby Shifts run normal compared to other baby clothes (ex: Sully is 16 months, she can wear a 12-18 month or 18-24 month shift) and I think the Sophie dress runs a smidge tight so size up if you want it loose.

Know what prints and/or styles are on your must list, plus your sizing. 

There's going to be a little bit of everything, so prioritizing your "must" list is pertinent to making sure you get what you want. My favorite styles right this second are the Elsa tops, Essie dresses, Baby Lilly Shifts and Dusk dresses and tanks - note this is the only Dusk item on the site right now, so I'm thinking there will be a lot tomorrow since they took them all down, #score.
Sully is wearing the Baby Shift in Oh Shello and I'm wearing a Dusk dress (old print)

If you don't know your sizing, I would suggest going to your nearest store this weekend to try things on. If you can't get in a store, fill out your TrueFit and look at the suggestion for things on the website currently.

Find exactly what you want that morning by using their search bar and typing in things like "Elsa" to narrow down the search.
I got this top last time in the APS and it's a favorite, I would just search "tunic" if you want one like it, or "tassel". Runs large so size down.

Create an account and log in. 

Go create an account and make sure all your info is correct, including credit card and shipping/billing addresses. You'll want to be logged in before the sale goes live so you don't waste time on that or updating your info. 

Although, know that they just announced you can't log into your account between 6:30-8am ET on the day of the sale, so do it before in the hopes you'll still be on when it goes live. Otherwise, just know your username and password by heart :).
Sully's dress is actually a 2T and fits perfect now, it's all cloth up top and then a stiffer fabric on bottom, there aren't any similar online right now (good sign!). I think the Lilly maxi's run large, especially if you're short so go a size down.

Shop using multiple devices and browsers. 

Seriously, log in on your computer, phone, iPad and anyone else's devices that they'll spare. This will give you multiple spots in line. One year, the app worked way in advance of the site, so download that for your phone.
I love Lilly's flowy dresses like this one that's probably 4 years old now. They run large though, so size down, this is a small for example.

Block off a chunk of time, you will wait "in line". 

Depending on how well you know what you want and how quickly things go, I would block an hour to shop. I'm always glad that the sale starts at 8AM because that means if I get a great place in line, I can usually get all my shopping done by work at 9 since I go into it knowing what I want.

You can also always go to a signature store to see what they have and sometimes you can even call in advance to buy something they have that may have sold out online fast.
This is one of my favorite dresses, the Ali V-Neck and I think it runs true to size. I'm wearing a Medium.

Just shop, but know...
  • Things will go FAST! I guarantee the Elsa tops will sell out ASAP for example.
  • Having something in your cart does not guarantee you'll get it, if you want something really bad, just buy it ASAP
  • Once you check out, that's it, you've used up your turn in line (hence #3)
  • Shipping is FREE(!), but will take a little longer than normal to get to you and you can't expedite ship
  • No returns
  • No exchanges or size changes
  • But, there are lots of Facebook groups you can join to sell or exchange sizes in what you purchase, here are two I've already joined: Lilly Pulitzer APS B/S/T , Lilly Pulitzer After Party B/S/T
Bonus (NEW!): This year they'll be adding new things on day 2 of the sale (Tuesday, Aug. 23rd)!!! So make sure to hop back in that morning if you didn't get something you had your eye on or didn't see something you were looking for available the first day.

Overall just know that there might be some kinks on Monday as the volume is so high. You will wait in line, but it generally has gone pretty fast in the past, so don't be discouraged by your number at first.

Check out my post from last year to see more photos of some of my favorite Lilly styles. You can also go here to read all about the sale straight from Lilly's site.

What are you looking to pick up this year? Happy shopping!
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