Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Update!

Hi friends, hope you've had a great weekend and have your alarms already set for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale tomorrow at 8AM! Checking in quickly with a few updates today from my post on Friday where I shared my top 5 tips on how to shop

First, something Lilly has never done before! If you haven't checked your email lately, go do it now and you'll see sneak peeks at items included in the sale. Also check out some of my favorite bloggers like Covering the Bases, The College Prepster and Katie's Bliss who got first looks at what will be included. 

Here's a roundup for you so you'll know what's coming tomorrow and Tuesday!
The first picture/s are from Lilly's email where they even gave prices. You can see just from those how awesome the deals are going to be tomorrow and Tuesday! 

I'm definitely going for the blue and white stripe dress at the top and will scoop up that Essie dress in the upper right corner since I don't have that print and it's my all time favorite comfy dress.

You can also see below that they'll have the Essie top in the sale as well below. I have the sweater wrap below too and it's one of my absolute favorite fall pieces!

Second, Lilly announced on Instagram that they will be sharing special links on Instagram Stories Monday and Tuesday at 12PM, 3PM and 7PM ET for "extra WILD deal"s. Follow Lilly's Insta here.

Make sure to follow along with me on Snapchat (name: ephilli) and Instagram Stories where I'll be sharing my purchases and more tips!

Happy shopping friends! Don't forget to read this post to make sure you know everything you need to know to shop for tomorrow.
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