Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend Recap (+Beach Baby Photos!)

I hope y'all had a great weekend! And happy August (say whaaa?!). We were quite busy, but very thankfully because it reminded me exactly why we chose to make this move. How sweet is this baby booty on the beach?!
On Friday we popped over to the Isle of Palms to have drinks and dinner with one of our best family friends, Ali (who was visiting from Ohio), and and her bestie Brittany. It was such a nice night out and just so cool that we could easily pop over to another island for dinner :).
Dress (sold out, love this print and the top version) // Shoes (Lilly for Target, dying for these Lillys) // Rose Gold Charleston Rice Beads

Saturday we woke up and packed up the car with the million items it takes to travel with a baby and two dogs and headed to Garden City to see my family who were vacationing at our beach cottage there. I mean, how awesome, right?! I was able to make a day trip to see my family. Pretty great. 

Speaking of pretty great, how cute is my baby on the beach? She napped during low tide so we had to work with the few minutes of beach we had left during high tide. We're really going through a "Mama only" phase right now, any tips for us on how to temper only wanting Mama all the time?
Big thank you to my Mom (see her site here) who snapped the above photos of Sully/me!

Sunday was chill with Mass in the morning, a Sully/Mama day and dinner with friends at our apartment. I was so happy to see Ryan get out and play golf again with a good friend too.

Sully and I popped over to Celadon's flea market that they do the last Sunday of every month (stay tuned to their Insta). It was so good! I was dying over all the pieces and NEED a new space to decorate. If you need help with interiors (even from afar) let me know ;), I got such good inspiration! 
Bonus round, how cute are these pieces from The Tiny Tassel who I met at the flea market?! I snapped up a ginger jar inspired necklace and some bamboo tassel earrings!
Double bonus (and yes, totally tooting my own horn here, forgive me), check out my most recent post over on The Southern C's blog discussing our favorite white little ghost, Snapchat
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