Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend Recap: Hootie & The Blowfish

Here's to a fresh new week you guys! I have to say I really did not want this weekend to end, but after giving our apartment a good clean on Sunday afternoon, I do feel refreshed going into the week. How about a little weekend recap since it was such a good one?! 
Outfit details below

By the way - this weekend is brought to you by my Mother-In-Law because without her coming to stay with us, we never could have had the great experiences we did (and not felt guilt about having someone else with our girl). Thank you Mom/Lala!!! Just another reason why we're so happy to have moved back so close to family and friends :). 

First thing's first, on Friday we put an offer in on a house (eek!)!!! We're in that middle ground right now of waiting to hear what's next, but hopefully we'll get things figured out one way or the other this week. Stay tuned to my Insta Stories and Snap (name: ephilli) where I'm sure we'll be sharing first. 
This is us submitting our offer as a little family! My Lilly Dress (more outfit details below).

After that craziness, we were excited to have our besties come join us to head just up the street on the island where we live to see Hootie and The Blowfish play. Y'all, my little 90s heart was just oh so happy! Oh and did I mention Sister Hazel even opened for them?! Amaze. 
Had to show what was really going on below that photo - I've got a MAJOR Mama's girl on my hands these days!

Sully's Lilly shift // Sully's bow (in photo above) // My Lilly Dress (print sold out, same dress different print) // My Jacks // Mikael's Orange Dress (I like this one) // Mikael's Earrings // Ryan's Button Down // Ryan's Flip Flops // Tyler's Polo 

This concert was a must-see for me and Ryan because whenever we were feeling homesick we always would listen to Darius Rucker (particularly Southern State of Mind). While he didn't play a lot of his own music, seeing him and hearing all those Hootie classics felt surreal. We kept saying, "Can you believe we live here?!" all night haha.
Saturday was my kinda day, we played at the pool all day long and then it was Lala/Sully night while Mommy and Daddy went to our favorite, The Obstinate Daughter, with Tyler and Mikael over on Sullivan's Island. Prior to Sullivan's Island, we swung by Isle of Palms where Tyler is staying this week for a conference. I love the islands around us!

I love the drive through Isle of Palms to get to Wild Dunes, the houses are gorgeous!

I wore my favorite Essie Dress and New Bamboo Tassel Earrings on our night out!

Sunday was slow and productive, exactly what we needed after a busy weekend! We took a little minute for our family and had brunch in what we hope will be our new neighborhood at the Old Village Post House.
Sully's Lilly // Sully's Bow // My Dress (sold out, similar on sale!) // My Sunnies

The Old Village Post House is so pretty!

I finally got around to getting Sully to try on the things I bought for her during the #NSale. One thing I bought was a pair of UGGs that really freaked her out at first (also got her this jacket). I think they're going to take a minute for her to get used to, I did order a size up since she's growing so fast (size 6 instead of 5). Mamas who've bought these before, is this normal for her to walk funny at first or should I return them?

Hope you guys had a great weekend as well! Cheers to a great week!
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