Thursday, August 25, 2016

Weekend Recap: Isle of Palms Family Vacation

Hi friends, popping in with a weekend update because it was just too good not to share! 
We had our family from Ohio plus my Mother In Law and Sister In Law and boyfriend in town out at the Isle of Palms for our annual beach vacation. Yes, that's right, in OUR town for vacation. Are you tired of hearing me say this yet?! :) It's just so cool we live here, a place where people vacation!
How cool are these drone photos Nick took?!
I had to travel for work at the beginning of the week, but was able to see everyone at night and over the weekend. Ry had already asked for the week off which was great because he not only got to spend time with everyone, but also got to keep Sully at the beach house. 
There was a pool right where they stayed and Sully was little miss independent with her new swimmies that Lala bought her. 
She also was such a beach babe! The sand didn't bother her at all and she just toddled around as happy as could be. It made my heart so happy!
More to come on this reversible monogramed Lilly bonnet in another post! 
When I realized this trip fell the week before my MIL's bday, I knew we had to take some time to celebrate her. On our last night together we surprised her with a little "fiesta" at a local beach bar. It was the perfect ending to a great trip!
Gah, that was just such good family time, nothin' like it. Hope you guys have a great weekend ahead of you, just think only two more days! 

We have my Nana and Papa visiting + we're packing for our Europe trip! 
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