Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Welcome Home Wednesday: Anthro Finds Under $130

Who doesn't go into the home section at Anthropologie and swoon?! While I want #allthethings sometimes the price tags can be quite high, so I've rounded up my favorite finds under $130.

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1. Rattan Chair :: Just imagine this with with a sheepskin thrown over it
2. Chromatic Leopard Print :: Love this two piece print by Carly Cogill and each one is only $28
3. Capri Blue Candle :: I always have a few of these around the house, they're the best year-round scent
4. Pineapple Marble & Wood Cheese Board :: By now you would think the pineapple obsession would be dying down, but here comes this cheese board in marble, gold and wood to prove you wrong
5. Gold Flatware :: Always a win and classic look in my book
6. Dotted Switch Plate :: So in love with these, just the type of thing that puts the darling in a home
7. Moroccan Wedding Blanket :: Mark my words, I will have this blanket at the bottom of a bed in my new home, love the texture these add (+ the pillows and pouf)
8. Monogram Mug :: I love my "E" mug and use it for everything from my tea, to flowers, to pens
9. Alice in Wonderland :: I have this as a bedside table book for Sully in pink, it's so cute
10. Monogram Coaster :: These are on major sale and the perfect addition to any table
11. Pedestal Bowl :: We eat so much more fruit now with Sully, love this option to store it all
12. Mother-of-Pearl Knob :: Anthro is the queen of knobs, this one is my current fav

What are your favorites?

Holding off the urge to pick up some pieces for our new home (which we don't even have yet, ha) is hard work, y'all! :) Especially when we went to the Celadon flea market this weekend (see more details here). We did find one home recently in the Old Mt. Pleasant area and are just discussing options now, so stay tuned, this could be the one!
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