Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Welcome Home Wednesday: Fall Flower Boxes

Ohhhhhhh you're half way there, ooohhhh ohhhhh!!! Haha, but seriously, you're half way through this week, only two more days until the weekend! 

Today I'm dreaming of flower boxes on this Welcome Home Wednesday. How could I not living in Charleston?! 

The reality of it is though that 1. I have a black thumb and 2. it's going to be fall by the time I'm styling window boxes in our (hopeful) new Charleston home. 

Black thumb in mind, I would greatly love any and all feedback you have for me on what to plant that is colorful, yet oh so easy! Would you ever do a mix with *gasp* artificial plants if you're like me? Here's some fall inspiration (clearly I'm loving that cabbage plant):

What do you think?! Send me suggestions in the comments!

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