Friday, September 23, 2016

10 Days in the Amafli Coast & Paris

Hi friends, long time no talk! 

We've been busy bees over here in the Phillips house with an upcoming close on our new house (yay!), celebrating weddings and of course a 10 day Euro trip to the Amalfi Coast and Paris.

I shared our trip real-time on Insta Stories and Snapchat (name: ephilli) and couldn't believe all the questions and love you were sending our way, thank you! I took note of what you were asking and flagged those as whole posts to highlight. For now, here's a high-level look at our itinerary for the trip. 

Keep in mind, this 5-year anniversary vacation was very much about relaxation for us with sightseeing falling more secondary. We decided to focus on only two places - Positano, Italy and Paris - and I'm so glad we did, it made things so much easier travel and stress wise! 
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In Naples, where we took a break from travel, we stayed in this Airbnb and had a wonderful dinner at Fresco. We followed it up of course with our first taste of true Italian gelato and limoncello. If you've never used Airbnb before, you can sign up here and we both get $35 off!

Then it was off to Positano where we spent the next 3 1/2 days on the Amalfi Coast. It BLEW me away y'all, most beautiful place I've ever been. Here are the posts/topics I have planned around this part of the trip, let me know if there's anything I'm missing that you want to know!
  • How to get to the Amalfi Coast
  • Where to stay in Positano
  • Where to eat in Positano
  • What to do in Positano

From Positano we went back to Naples where we flew to Paris for the remainder of our trip, 4 days to be exact. For Paris, there's just SO much you can do, so I'll be putting together an official AtoD guide on where we stayed, our favorite meal and what was in that big Chanel bag I shared on Instagram ;). 

I also had a lot of stress around prepping and packing for this trip, so I'll share what I bought in advance and what I actually used. I've also had questions about euros and the language barrier, so I'll touch on those too. And lastly, fill you in on all the outfit details of course!

What else are you looking to know? What did I miss? Can't wait to share more soon!
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