Thursday, October 20, 2016

Clemson Lake Engagement + Surprise Party

It's almost Friday you guys, we're almost there! I really feel like this week has flown by though, maybe it's because I've had something after work almost every day, which, by the way, I'll be sharing one of those post-work events tomorrow(!). 

Today I'm excited to slow down for a second though and bring you the beautiful engagement of one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world! Even better, it took place on the gorgeous Lake Hartwell during our Clemson weekend that I shared here
Y'all, I wish I could show you the texts and explain the conversations leading up to this engagement with the groom-to-be, Jake. They were so sweet. He really went above and beyond to make this moment and all those after super special for his future Mrs. Especially when it came to selecting the photographer, Alicia, of Alicia Tegen Photography, to take these gorgeous photos!
But first, let's rewind and talk about leading up to the proposal itself... The nerves flying around the house pre-proposal were unreal you guys. Jake was trying to hold it together in front of Sam, I was trying to sneak away to position the photographer (along with the help of TJ, thank you!), Sam's siblings were hiding in the bushes and inside all the other girls and guys were trying to keep a straight face and set up a surprise party! 

When Alicia was in position, I gave Ry the signal we had agreed upon to alert Jake that all was ready and wouldn't you believe it... the man completely forgot our signal and missed it! Typical. ;)

So then it was up to me to give Jake the thumbs up without Sam seeing. Luckily he got the message and stepped out for a "work call" coming back in to grab Sam so he could talk to her about it. As they walked down the path towards the lake we were inside scrambling to get decorations set up and her siblings inside. 

Well you guys, all that went by the wayside the minute Jake dropped to one knee. We couldn't help but watch, cry and laugh before we cheered them on as they walked up towards the house. Everyone was such a big help throwing this little surprise party together, it was so exciting to have our whole crew there together!
Then it was time to ooh and ahh over the ring (which is so classic and beautiful, I died), share hugs all the way around and clink our glasses!
I'm telling you what, this is one amazing couple. They're going to create such a beautiful life together as husband and wife and I feel so blessed to witness their wonderful love. This is about to be one fun year of celebrating these two!
As you can tell, it was such a wonderful and emotionally happy day, Sam was surprised and we all had a blast celebrating the night away!
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