Thursday, November 3, 2016

Let's Do This! November 2016 Goals...

Oh hey November! Good to see ya, weren't you just October though? 

Seriously y'all, where did this past month go?! It was so fun getting back to Clemson, celebrating my bestie's engagement, picking out new barstools and making a cute DIY flamingo costume for my Sully girl. Time flew while we were having fun!

Onward and upward it is though, so today I thought I would share some monthly goals (for the first time ever - thank you to my friend Classic Catherine for the inspiration!). Now that the craziness of moving is starting to die down just in time for the holidays to rev up, I'm excited to declare these and hold myself accountable!

1. Get things hung on our walls around the house!

2. Take photos, design, order and send out Christmas cards... very lofty, but I really think I can do this y'all!

3. Host Thanksgiving dinner at our new house 

4. Finish blogging about our Euro trip 

5. Revive date nights with my husband and go on two this month

6. Do a holiday craft with Sully

8. Have new friends over for drinks/dinner

9. Start and regularly attend barre classes

10. Clean out my car (and keep it clean!)

When I started to type these out I thought I would stick with 3-5 to not make my list impossible, but I really do think we can do all the above this month! I've already got a head start or have planned out some of these things, so time to just make them happen!

While I'm talking about being ambitious and so ready to get back to a normal blog schedule, what are some posts you would like to see? Home stuff? Mamahood? Charleston living? Let me know!
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