Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our First Thanksgiving in Charleston!

We hosted our first Thanksgiving in our new home in Charleston this year and it was one for the books you guys! This holiday is one that holds a lot of emotion and meaning for us, but this year seemed different and mostly full of happy and joyful emotions. And that is what I was most thankful for this year!
I often get the question from engaged or newly married friends how we split up the holidays between our families. Quite honestly, it's a question I kind of cringe at getting asked. The decision was sadly made for us when Ryan's Dad, Bob, passed away Thanksgiving day in 2009. Ever since then, Thanksgiving is a day we gather together with Ryan's family to support each other, laugh, tell stories and do two of Bob's favorite things, cook and share a meal with those we love. I've always cherished this time with this side of the family and knowing that we'll all be together each year!
This year, we were so fortunate to have Grandpa join us along with Mom and Maddie starting Wednesday evening. We kicked off our time together with big belly laughs playing Cards Against Humanity. Let me tell y'all, hearing Grandpa read off some of those cards was just too much to handle, I couldn't stop giggling all night.

On Thursday, Ryan and I were up bright and early cooking the majority of our Thanksgiving feast, although we did cook some things on Wednesday this year which was nice to get a head start. I really lucked out, Ryan is a phenomenal cook and loves to spend days prepping menus and meals and feeding friends and family.
Oh and don't mind my half nakie child, her top was too cute to get stained with cranberry :).
Our menu consisted of:

It honestly really was our best meal we've ever cooked together! And look how my tablescape came together you guys, remember when I planned it out here?!
We also spent some good quality time out at the fire pit, just catching up under cozy blankets and of course playing with sweet Sully. I have never seen her attach to someone like she did Grandpa, she was so smitten. 
I also love how Thanksgiving brings folks into town we haven't seen awhile (like Liz & Josh), it was fun catching up with friends over our big rivalry game... which can we talk about that by the way?! GO TIGERS!!!!!

How was y'alls Thanksgiving?! Did you scoop up any fun stuff during Black Friday or Cyber Monday? 
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