Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Weekend Recap: Exploring South of Broad with a Visitor!

The past two days have been a whirlwind over here folks, I traveled to DC for a quick work trip and now that I'm finally home, I have the worst cold! Would love any and all cold remedy suggestions you may have in the comments.

And while it's technically a little late for a weekend recap and I'm usually privy to a Welcome Home Wednesday post on these days, I decided to break my own rules and do a weekend recap anyway because it was too fun not to share!

Ryan had his annual "man weekend" and my high school friend Nicole came up from Atlanta to visit. She is one of the world's most interesting people, seriously, and Sully and I enjoyed spending the weekend with this world explorer and California hippie ;). 
It was so nice to have Friday off and I spent the majority of it deep cleaning our house. When I can get up the energy to do it, it's always SO therapeutic. I didn't realize how bad I needed quiet time to myself just being productive. When Nicole arrived, we picked up Sully, played and had such a fun first night catching up on almost ten years of life!
Saturday we ventured out and got lost in downtown Charleston. We started at Jeni's for some yummy ice cream, the dark chocolate peppermint is AMAZE. Most of our time was spent South of Broad where I snapped these dreamy photos. There are so many gorgeous sights, I couldn't stop...
Cardigan (similar); Lush  t-shirt (under $25, THE best, I have them in every color); Jeans; Adidas kicks; Necklace (my go-to for years); Sunnies
Then we had a girls night and my friend Cambron joined us. It was so much fun. Too much in fact, we lost track of time and didn't go to bed until after 3am!
One of my favorite topics was all the fun products from Beautycounter Nicole brought which I'll fill you in more on tomorrow. I'm hooked y'all, I am so drinking the coolaid (especially for kiddos!). 
Then Sunday was full on recover mode! It was bad y'all, Mama can't hang like she used to. It sure was hard getting up Monday and heading to the airport to jump on a flight. 

Charlestonians and those familiar, where do you like taking visitors? My Nana and Aunt come into town this weekend so looking for more suggestions!
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