Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Update: Family Fun in Charleston!

Happy Monday you guys, hope you had a great weekend! I definitely have a case of the Mondays today, not even gunna lie. But reminiscing about this past weekend is helping get me through. We had such a great time with our very first guests in our new home, my family!
Nick's Patagonia Pullover (on sale!), Shorts; My Sunnies, Top, Jeans (my absolute favs!)

So how about a little weekend recap?

My Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister and their dog Augie all arrived on Friday night to a kitchen full of yummy cookin' thanks to my wonderful chef of a husband! 
Saturday came early when I heard Sully make that first little murmur of waking up and Nonna swooped right in ready to see her grandbaby. Lucky girl because Mama and Dada would have let her fall back asleep for another hour ;). 
Ryan was at it again with the most amazing quiche lorraine for breakfast! Then the boys got to work making a run to the dump with all our leftover boxes and putting together our adirondack chairs and fire pit (can't wait to try that baby out with friends!). 
While the boys drank beer and played with powertools put together the outdoor fun, us girls went to Celadon's 22nd birthday where I found a gorgeous rug and my #1 item on my Christmas wish list, the Lulie Wallace painting below!
We also took the parents to our favorite local place, Geechie Seafood, to pick up some shrimp!
Then it was game time (GO TIGERS!) with family until Sully went to bed and Nick and Ally stayed home to babysit so we could celebrate a family friend's birthday downtown at Magnolias.
Sunday it was church and some hang out time before my family headed back to the Upstate. Ry and I decided that the weather was too nice this weekend to be inside, so we went on a long family date downtown. It was pure bliss and so much fun with our curious little girl!
Sully's Sweater Dress, Tights, Shoes (on sale!), Bow; My Sunnies, Shirt, Jeans, Flats (sold out, dying for these in the same color!), Julie Vos Bangle, Bourbon and Bowties Bangles
It was such a fun weekend you guys!

I gotta say though, the time change really threw all of us off, whoever thought changing time was a good idea definitely didn't have a baby or a toddler! 

Speaking of having a toddler, I love this article I read today on 10 Things Every New Toddler Mama Should Know. It was insane how much I resonated with and learned from this short read!

Cheers to a fresh week y'all!
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