Friday, December 2, 2016

19 Month Mommyhood Thoughts (+ Family Photos!)

The night before last Sully woke up four times throughout the night. It's a pretty rare thing when she does that, she's truly such a great sleeper, we're very very blessed. But as she snuggled into me around 3am she did something so sweet I'll never ever forget. She reached her little hands up in the darkness, felt all around my face, found my lips and laid her sweet little chubby cheek right on my face and slept. 

It's moments like that where the love is almost too much to handle. Sure, there are frustrations and always something new and challenging to navigate and learn, but becoming someone's Mama is truly the greatest gift I'm thankful for each and every day. 
On Ryan: Quarter ZipGingham Button DownKhakis, Boots // On Sully: Dress, Bow (similar) // On Me: TopJeans, Boots, Necklace (my "push" present)

So while I was flipping through our family Christmas photos for this year I felt overwhelming gratitude to God for all the blessings, especially that of my little girl and her Dada, in my life. It's just flying by too fast. Do any other Mama's feel this way? Phew y'all! #allthefeels #allthehappytears
Nineteen months is a fun one y'all, Sully is repeating every word I say and is learning at lightening speed. I pointed to a car in one of her books and said, "vroom, vroom" a few times and next thing I know she's showing Ryan the car and saying "vroom, vroom" in a gruffy little voice. 
In the mornings Ryan drives her to "school" and he says she just sits in the backseat talking away, not actually making any sense, but sure sounding like it could be a conversation. This same cute babbling causes her so much frustration though as she looks you right in the eye, does it and then when you don't react to what she said (because you can't understand her) she gets so mad. 
Saying "Elshhhaaa" (Elsa from Frozen) is her favorite thing, as well as slapping both hands on either sides of her cheeks and gasping, opening her eyes so large and turning her little mouth into an "O" when "For the First Time in Forever" comes on. Gah, so cute!
Climbing any and everything is pretty common. As is unpredictable eating when she loves something one day and won't touch it the next. Except for protein, the kid loves protein. She even switches her plate with the kid's next to her at school just to eat their chicken/meatballs/etc. off their plate. I died laughing when her teacher told me that!
Thank you to Jennifer Collins for these wonderful photos around our beautiful new city we call home!
Love you Sully boo, cheers to December, Christmas and this next month of fun (even if you don't look so happy about it below :))!
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