Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Welcome Home Wednesday: Holiday Home Tour!

This Welcome Home Wednesday, I'm super excited to share with you a holiday home tour! I've only shared snippets of our new home in Charleston via Instagram and Snap (ephilli), but today I'm pumped to bring you a little bit more via this Pink Door Holiday Home Tour.
I've teamed up with a really, really awesome group of bloggers to bring you inspiration and cheer from our homes to yours! After you scroll through my home pictures, make sure to check out all the other great posts underneath the pink door holiday image. You know why I love this? It's like house hopping and getting to peek in the windows of some pretty fabulous homes, so much fun!
I'll be focusing on our main room which is our living room, dining room and kitchen all in one! This little ranch house is SUCH a departure from anything I've ever owned or lived in before. If we're being honest, it's not entirely my style, which is why decorating and making it our own is that much more of a challenge, but also fun.
It's crazy to think that this is the 3rd home Ry and I have owned and actually the 7th place we've lived in together in just 5 1/2 years. It finally feels good to put some true roots down you guys. Just in time for the holidays!
For my table, I mixed up the decor with reds and hints of metallic touches. You'll remember my Thanksgiving tablescape inspiration and final product, but this time it was all about feeling uber festive (sleighs included)!
As for the living area, it was light touches with a small tree, a simple "Merry" banner and ornaments which you saw in the very first photo. Fun fact, my besties and roomies right after college gave me a gift every month leading up to our wedding so that we had a pretty awesome stash once we pulled everything out for our first Christmas. I think of them every year as I'm decorating our house (see one of their engagements here), it's so special!
The Christmas tree in between the living and dining area sets a festive tone and adds the perfect punch to the whole room too! We bought tons of plastic metallic ornaments when we first got married from Ikea of all places and they're still going strong today, with some other personal ornaments mixed in.
Scary story actually, Sully bit into a glass ornament when we were first unpacking, like it was an apple, just chomp! All ended up being okay, but it's safe to say I threw away every glass ornament we owned in the heat of the moment so we didn't have to go through that again. :) I need to pick up some other kid friendly ornaments soon so her little pink tree is not so bare!
To our kitchen area, I changed up our soap to the Meyer's Peppermint scent and added another sleigh and candles, as well as some fun towels. I'm loving using Grove Collaborative to order all my home cleaning products!
I also dressed up our bar area with scarves for the bourbon bottles, ha! These were from our tacky Christmas sweater party where we did our gender reveal to find out we were having a baby girl.
There's other subtle Christmas hints around the house too and I've yet to get our stockings up since we don't have a mantle. I think I'm going to put them on a side console. Where do other folks usually put them when they don't have a mantle?
Now, here's the really fun part, hop around to the below other blogs to get even more inspiration! Thank you Annie for organizing all this!
Pink Door Holiday Tour

PS: If this pink door tour looks familiar, it's because I also participated in a pink door home tour with Annie and more fab ladies earlier this year via this post on the complete home tour, this post with an inspiration gallerythis one on Sully's Lilly Pulitzer nursery and this one on my favorite home resources. This is when we lived back in Arlington, in the home featured on Southern Weddings.
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