Monday, April 24, 2017

Lilly Pulitzer New Summer 2017 Favs!

Yay for summer coming up so fast and yay for new Lilly! 

You guys know I'm a Lilly lover, my friends even lovingly call me their "Lilly friend" and send any related questions my way. Sully's nursery even has Lilly curtains, ha. So any time there's a new release I'm excited to jump over and see what's new. Here's my favorite from their most recent new release for summer today...
The Sleeveless Essie Dress is by far my favorite Lilly dress each summer. It's made of cotton and is cute and flattering. I live in these and will be snagging this print this year. 
Just look at the name of this 3/4 Sleeve Erin Dress! Of course I love it :). This Indigo All a Glow print is so gorgeous, I love a navy base. Sleeves are also great for the office during the summer vs. so many sleeveless dresses. 

For my preggers friends, they have this same print which I'm loving in the maxi dress that I wore 24/7 when I was super preggers with Sully, find it here. Can't recommend this enough! I still wear it now even 2 years post baby :). Love this one with sleeves too.
If there's a cuter cover up out there this season than this El Bravo Way one, I haven't found it. Flowy, bright and accented with tassels = perfection!
If you're getting married soon, this Edona romper is so awesome! I love how it looks like the two piece trend that's going on right now, but really is all one. It would be perfect for your bachelorette and honeymoon. 
You can't go wrong with a Lilly shift and this Harper Shift Dress is knit making it uber comfortable!
Are you kidding me with this Clam Shell Clutch?! Love the scallop/clam shape and it has pom poms and tassels! Perfect for summer weddings. If you're more of a tote person though, don't miss this Seaside Tote that is reversible, full of bright colors and has tassels too!
For the little ones, here's this same Indigo All A Glow print in their Emoni Romper. I put Sully in rompers all summer because the one piece is just so easy and cute! Find the exact Mama match romper here too. Also love this two pice set for little girls too.

What's your favorite from the above?! 

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday Sullivan Louise!

My oh my what a year! It was a big one full of lots of changes and cheer. 
We rang in your first birthday in our rental right outside of DC, now we celebrate your second in Charleston, not too far from the sea. 
Your year was full of lake visits, swim lessons, Charleston trips (to house hunt), time with family (while Mama and Dada were in Europe and at weddings), many a sandy beach day and of course lots and lots of play. 
You honed your fine motor skills, got those chunky legs running so fast and the amount of words you know is really unsurpassed. Your teachers are even amazed that you can rattle off all your classmate's names for days!
It's much harder to get pictures of you little busy bee lately, but it still doesn't stop us from loving you greatly! 
Cheers to your second birthday my little one, I hope this day and year ahead is filled with lots and lots of fun!


Mommy and Daddy love you so very much Mookie! You're the light of our lives, bring us unending joy every single day and we don't know what we would do without you. Now I'm off to smother mother you with kisses!

PS: My blogging this past year wasn't as strong as the first year, but I did share moments of your life... 

Here for your first birthday party
(I'm so excited for your Moana themed birthday party coming up soon!)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Loving Lately - Spring Edition (including Lilly favorites)!

Hi friends, does anyone else have spring fever?! 

I'm getting the warm weather, blossoming blooms, exposed shoulder excitement and just purchased a few wardrobe refreshers that I've been loving lately. With not one but two bachelorette parties coming up in the next two weeks, one after another, I thought it was the perfect excuse to insert some new pieces into my routine. 

It wouldn't be spring without some Lilly, here's my favs, I'll post pics on my Insta Story once they arrive!
 Del Lago Tunic Dress - I LOVE the print, bell sleeves and tassels!
Kay Lace Popover - The perfect white lace top, I love the palm print and the sleeves!
Go Bananas Earrings - You can wear them as pictured or as studs and they're under $40!
Acrylic Lo-Ball Glasses - I saw these on Heather of Sweet Tea Jubilee's Insta and knew we needed them for warm weather entertaining! 

I live in comfy dresses and shirts in the summer and snagged these from Nordstrom:
Caslon Peplum Tee - Under $40 and a super cute white tee! Also comes in 4 other colors.
Lush V-Neck Tee Dress - I have a feeling this will be on repeat and is such a steal at $42. 
Topshop Gingham Asymmetrical Top - I saw The Miller Affect in this top on her Insta and fell in love with it. We'll see if it looks as cute on me when it shows up :).

How about a few more accessories? 
JCrew Factory Sunglasses - I have been absolutely LIVING in these $20 sunglasses!
Maui Pom Pom Earrings - I've been on a hoops kick lately and love the pom pom colors and detail on these!
Romany Drops - The blush color, the tassels, the size... I absolutely adore these earrings!

I couldn't leave you without a pair of shoes, the color on these Sam Edelman heels is phenomenal and they're comfy with their sturdy block heel!
Finally, you guys were loving this LOFT Flounce Dress on my Insta and I can't blame you, it's my new staple! And LOFT is having a 30% off sale this weekend (or 40% off for cardholders)!

That's it folks!  I've got a whole wishlist I'll share too, but these are the ones that were highest on my list. 

What are you loving lately? 

Shop everything above here too:

PS: I've had so many emails lately about Charleston suggestions - I hope to do a big guide coming soon, but in the meantime, I've been loving these from fellow bloggers:

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy 23 Months Sullivan Louise!

On Sunday you turned 23 months Miss Sullivan Louise! TWENTY. THREE. MONTHS. That means that in less than a month you'll be two years old.
I looked at your Daddy tonight and explained, probably for like five minutes, how nothing has ever blown my mind more than the fact that you have been in our lives for two whole, really really full years (+10 months in my belly). Here you are at this time last year. See, mind blown!
All of a sudden this past month you have become a (finally understandable) chatter box mastering new words left and right. We walked down King Street this weekend and you could barely point and talk fast enough to tell me all the things you were seeing. You told me about the "bunnieee, hop hop hop" and the alligator on the truck saying, "awiegator, shhhomp shhomp shomp". 
This photo was for "wacky" day at school - you loved reppin your "Mermaid Hair Don't Care" glitter shirt and emoji bow. It's hard to get pictures of you these days!

Your favorite food is cheeekin (chicken) and doughdurt (yogurt). You are a total Mama's girl and never tire of saying, "Mama, Mama, Mama, Mommy, Mommy, Mommiieeeeeee". Whenever you see the bed you say, "Nugnuuules" meaning that you want to crawl up there and snuggle. You get pretty mad if Mommy tries to snuggle one of the pups instead of you :). 
When we drive over the bridge from school to home you wave at the ocean and say hi to all the fishies and dolphins and boats. Speaking of school, you love your friends and can say all of their names - we laugh at how country you say Will ("Weeeeehill") and how you have say "Shhhhaahm" (Sam). 
Daddy and I both love when he comes home from work, the dogs bark and you run to your window to see if it's him then hide giddily behind your curtains. Not longer for 6 seconds though before you fling open the curtains and run to him giving him a huge hug and yelling his name in excitement. 

You're getting really into movies and I'm proud to say that Ariel is one of your favs (mine too, baby girl), along with Dori, Moana and of course Frozen. 
Overall, you're sweet to the core in your 23rd month. There are times when you don't know the right word and get so frustrated you just scream. In those cases we just say, "Sully, use your words" and you usually can muster a "pwweashhh" and point to what you want. 

Oh, the other frustrating thing for Mama and Dada... you are now very opinionated about your clothing and shoe choices. You must always be wearing a bow, you only want to wear your gold glitter shoes and you are especially particular about what pajamas you wear to bed. We're so in for it with you little one. 
I'm sure going to have a hard time with you turning two. Everything has been measured in months leading up to this. Now your life will be measured in years. And oh how years fly by sweet girl. If you've come to learn anything in this short little life of yours so far, I hope you've learned how MUCH your Mommy and Daddy (and all your family and friends) love, love, love you.  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fun at The Cloister with J.McLaughlin

Have you guys ever been to The Cloister in Sea Island, GA? If you have, or even if you've just seen photos, you know it is an absolute dream. I can't shake the place y'all, I'm already planning my next visit because I feel like I only saw such a tiny slice in the few days I was there for The Southern C Summit

When the Charleston Weekender asked if I would join her and J.McLaughlin in a fun little shoot while we were there, I quickly jumped on the opportunity. With Fashion Week about to kick off here in Charleston, I thought this was the perfect time to share these fun photos with you taken by the oh so talented Kathryn McCrary
The dress I'm wearing is the beautiful Rosewood Dress in Inkwell Stripe. In some of the photos you'll see I paired it with the Tapestry Scarf in Navy  and my favorite - the Mia Tote in Market Paisley. I also brought along my Le Specs Sunglasses and Jack Rogers Monogramed Sandals
On Liz, you'll see her #EveryDayImTasselin Asha Poncho in Blue. I love the way she styled this poncho, especially with her Canvas Weekender as an accessory!
After the hustle and bustle of the Summit, it was really fun to climb into some comfy clothes and goof off in this gorgeous setting!
Not pictured above, how cute are these Petal Scallop Shorts in Winter Navy?! Of course I brought my little pink camera along for the ride as well, which paired perfectly with Liz's Turkish Towel in Pastel Pink. It all made for a perfect combination and fun shoot!
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