Monday, January 30, 2017

6 Simple Ways to Get Yourself Motivated

Oh hello end of January, you sure did sneak up on me. As a busy working Mama I understand how quickly motivation can be overshadowed by procrastination, fatigue, excuses, family matters and just an all-around lack of time. You know what I find though, if you're motivated to get things done right when the opportunity arises you'll be more apt to accomplish your goals.

That's why, because I care about kicking off this new year right (and with Confidence!), I've rounded up six must-try tips to get you motivated to conquer your to-do list and get your behind in gear. Let’s do this!!!

1. Prioritize Tasks

When it comes to tackling that to-do list, it's easy to choose the simple tasks and things you enjoy the most, while leaving the icky stuff for later. Starting that cool DIY project sounds way more fun than cleaning the bathroom, am I right?! So, in order to combat this habit, start by doing the tough stuff first and then make your way on down that list to the progressively easier tasks.

2. Play Music

Sometimes the right tunes can get you in the mood to conquer everything the day throws your way. There's nothing quite like an inspiring song or playlist to get your mind in the right place and ready to work. With music always at your fingertips, this is an invaluable, and often free, form of motivation. Plus, if you can throw in a few of your favorite dance moves, the blood circulation can't hurt. I personally enjoy some throwback tunes (hello Spice Girls!).

3. Use Reminders

If you feel like you just can't even some days, then try psychological tactics to entice your brain to kick into productivity mode. Take a moment and think about why you're about to take on this particular task. Whether it's because a clean kitchen equals a clean mind, or that you're vying for a promotion to give your family a better life, use whatever positive reminder is necessary to get you motivated. Even write them on bright stickie notes and place them around your work space or home!

4. Start Fresh

So many of us want to be that powerful business woman who inspires others and can serve as a role model to fellow females (#bosslady). I can quite honestly say, that I don't think I’m going to get there and time soon if my work space is a disaster. If you happen upon your desk in a state of disarray and it hampers your motivation to work, then you're not alone. Take a few minutes at the end of each day, or before getting started in the morning, to tidy up your workspace.

5. Inspire Yourself

When the going gets tough there are few things more encouraging than thinking of the awesome ladies that paved the way before us. If they can do it, you can too! Seriously! Think about how the top earning women in America are the leaders of some of the most profitable industries in the world and what they had to overcome to be successful. Suddenly that problem doesn't seem so tough, does it?

6. Happy Thoughts

When all else fails, remember that a positive mindset goes a long way when it comes to motivation. Don't believe me? Research proves it! In fact, researchers believe that nothing is more motivating than celebrating your progress. As women, y’all know we could all stand to pat ourselves on the back a little more often. Look how far you've come, and compare yourself to yourself, reveling in all the progress you have made!

I hope this post motivated you! I know that I’m going to true back to it when I feel myself in a rut. To ensure I could bring you the best tips and content for this topic, I joined in a collaboration and was compensated for this post.
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