Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Word for 2017!

Twenty seventeen. Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm pretty jazzed that you're now in my life! I've got big plans for you, you should know. We're going to do big things together. Big things. :)

So many big things that I had a really hard time setting my word and intention for the year. I've always set goals, but never officially set a word. I really felt like I needed one to help guide and encourage me this year though. And that word is...
Confidence in my ability as a mother. Confidence that I'm being a good wife. Confidence that I'm making the right career decisions. Confidence in my friendships. Confidence in my body and that I'm making healthy choices. Confidence in my relationship with the Lord.

It's actually pretty funny looking back at the cluttered post I did on 2016 goals. It's obvious now that I was in need of some kind change and that I thought it was a bunch of small things (which can make a big difference). Yet really my "get closer to family and friends" goal became literal and all our little family needed. Now here we are in South Carolina!

While I hope that there's no moving anywhere near in my future, I do hope that our big "moves" otherwise this year turn out just as great. 

There's a lot of movement and next steps behind setting this word, intention and goal for the year. I've been working through my PowerSheets which is helping set the steps to get there. I have to take this action, or really the word is simply just a word. 

I'm finding out though that to make room for some pretty important things, it might mean less frequent posting here on this little piece of the internet. I have a feeling this tailoring back will not be long lived though and it really will just articulate itself into maybe 1-2 posts a week vs. 3-4. I have too much to share and document to step away more! 

So bear with me friends. I can't wait until I get to the point where I can share those important things I hinted towards with you (and no, I'm not pregnant)! 
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