Thursday, February 16, 2017

Home Workouts with Hilliard Studio Method (+ Discount Code)

Okay, let's get real for a second y'all. Finding time to workout is HARD. After work, taking care of your family, keeping up the house, side hustles, laughter with friends and carving out "me" time, adding a workout to the list just isn't that fun. At least for me it's not, anyone else out there feel me?!
Working out at home is really the best option I've found. Especially considering I work from home and sometimes the only time in the day is that hour before everyone wakes up in the morning. 

I'm always looking for new ways to spice up my at-home workout and was so energized when I met Liz and Clary Hilliard recently in Charleston. They own Hilliard Studio Method in Charlotte, NC and now are so excited to be offering an online video at-home workout option via their new website. The best news? They even offered me and 100 of my readers a discount code to try it out! 

OR USE CODE HSMA2D AT CHECKOUT (good until 3/31/17)

After reading reviews on their classes and after diving in to Liz's book, Be Powerful, I'm really excited to take this challenge head on. I mean look at the mother/daughter duo and the Hilliard team as a whole... don't they look amazing?! The proof is in the pudding y'all. 
Now here's my question for you. It's still a struggle y'all. What are your motivators and your tricks to ensure you get that at-home workout in and don't just hit snooze?!
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