Friday, March 3, 2017

5 on Friday: Seeking advice, Shopbop sale favs + More!

This is my first 5 on Friday post of 2017 you guys, which seriously blows my mind! How is it March already? I've been having grace with myself here at the beginning of this year when it comes to blogging, which y'all might know from this post. Plus, I have some big exciting news coming y'alls way in a month or so, stay tuned :). 

Now though, I'm ready to jump back in to 5 on Fridays and all the blogging goodness, here we go!

How do you keep hydrangea bushes alive?
I have been digging ;) the warmer weather lately, so I was inspired on Sunday to make a Lowe's run and plant two small hydrangea bushes in tall planters on my front porch. But y'all, I feel like I'm already starting to kill them. Do you have any tips for me?
Rug // Shoes // Jeans // Top (on sale)

Let's just say I can't keep these guys alive... what are some sturdy, pretty, fit for a tall planter flowers for people who aren't savvy gardeners? 

Have y'all seen this?! You can enter in where you're flying from and then multiple flight destinations and it shows prices for your selected times, plus those of surrounding areas. 

It's perfect for anyone not sure exactly where they want to go. I even found flights in the August timeframe for $350-$500 all over Europe. It was so tempting to be spontaneous and just book it, but alas, I refrained. 

Help - what kind of sandals do kids with fat feet wear?
I feel like teenage Sully would be so embarrassed of this post in the future (sorry boo!). So she has super fat, thick feet which right now is adorbs, but we're having trouble finding sandals that fit her! Our go-to Salt Water Sandals from last year are too tight and she cried when I put them on her, I even went with a size 6 when she's a 5. 
Then I went to order the new toddler Jacks and realized they probably wouldn't fit her either?
Any suggestions on cute sandals she might fit into? Even her Native's are getting really tight, but the next size up slips off her foot from the length. Help me out Mamas!
I used Spotify years ago and just now got back into it after wanting a more tailored option for listening to music. Plus, I love Emily Ley's monthly playlists so it got me back on the bandwagon. Follow along to what I'm listening to here

Only one more day left to shop the Shopbop sale - my favorites under $200!
There is so much good stuff in this sale you guys, I separated out the first things I gravitated towards in accessories first and then clothing. I'm ballin on a budget right now, so I included my favorites under $200. Let me know your favorites and if I missed anything good!
I also love these blogger's picks for this sale if you just can't get enough...

Wowza! This is a huge post. Thanks for sticking with me y'all! What did you enjoy reading about the most? Any gardening or little sandal tips for me?

PS: Coming soon... my Southern C Summit recap! 

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