Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy 23 Months Sullivan Louise!

On Sunday you turned 23 months Miss Sullivan Louise! TWENTY. THREE. MONTHS. That means that in less than a month you'll be two years old.
I looked at your Daddy tonight and explained, probably for like five minutes, how nothing has ever blown my mind more than the fact that you have been in our lives for two whole, really really full years (+10 months in my belly). Here you are at this time last year. See, mind blown!
All of a sudden this past month you have become a (finally understandable) chatter box mastering new words left and right. We walked down King Street this weekend and you could barely point and talk fast enough to tell me all the things you were seeing. You told me about the "bunnieee, hop hop hop" and the alligator on the truck saying, "awiegator, shhhomp shhomp shomp". 
This photo was for "wacky" day at school - you loved reppin your "Mermaid Hair Don't Care" glitter shirt and emoji bow. It's hard to get pictures of you these days!

Your favorite food is cheeekin (chicken) and doughdurt (yogurt). You are a total Mama's girl and never tire of saying, "Mama, Mama, Mama, Mommy, Mommy, Mommiieeeeeee". Whenever you see the bed you say, "Nugnuuules" meaning that you want to crawl up there and snuggle. You get pretty mad if Mommy tries to snuggle one of the pups instead of you :). 
When we drive over the bridge from school to home you wave at the ocean and say hi to all the fishies and dolphins and boats. Speaking of school, you love your friends and can say all of their names - we laugh at how country you say Will ("Weeeeehill") and how you have say "Shhhhaahm" (Sam). 
Daddy and I both love when he comes home from work, the dogs bark and you run to your window to see if it's him then hide giddily behind your curtains. Not longer for 6 seconds though before you fling open the curtains and run to him giving him a huge hug and yelling his name in excitement. 

You're getting really into movies and I'm proud to say that Ariel is one of your favs (mine too, baby girl), along with Dori, Moana and of course Frozen. 
Overall, you're sweet to the core in your 23rd month. There are times when you don't know the right word and get so frustrated you just scream. In those cases we just say, "Sully, use your words" and you usually can muster a "pwweashhh" and point to what you want. 

Oh, the other frustrating thing for Mama and Dada... you are now very opinionated about your clothing and shoe choices. You must always be wearing a bow, you only want to wear your gold glitter shoes and you are especially particular about what pajamas you wear to bed. We're so in for it with you little one. 
I'm sure going to have a hard time with you turning two. Everything has been measured in months leading up to this. Now your life will be measured in years. And oh how years fly by sweet girl. If you've come to learn anything in this short little life of yours so far, I hope you've learned how MUCH your Mommy and Daddy (and all your family and friends) love, love, love you.  
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