Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How to Make Blogger Best Friends 👯

I started blogging for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, it was a way to chronicle our lives. It also was a way for us to keep our friends and family updated when we moved to Richmond, VA back in 2013. What I didn't realize though, was that I would ultimately meet some of my very best friends from being a part of the blogging community.
On me: Lilly Top (old - similar here, here and coverup here), Cult Gaia Large Bag (really wish I snatched up the pink one 

On Catherine: Lilly Dress (old - similar here, here and my fav here), Jack Rogers
Ray Bans (old - these are her mom's vintage Wayfarers!)

Y'all have heard me talk about Catherine of Classic Catherine on the blog before (isn't she the cutest preggo lady ever?!). She was a reader of Attention to Darling and when I announced we were moving to DC, she reached out to welcome us to the area. We actually first met when she invited us to their housewarming party! 
Going back even farther, my very first blogger friend was Allie of Alexandra Bee Blog. We actually connected from following each other on Instagram! When we moved into our home in Richmond, she recognized our home as it was only a few streets over from hers. Then, I did Bachelor nights and she commented on a post and I invited her to come join us and to my joy, she did! Now my entire little family will be in her wedding in June!

Most recently, Cambron of The Southern Sophisticate has become one of our best friends here in Charleston! Like Cathrine, she reached out to us via email when we announced we were moving. I can't even tell y'all how much fun we've had together and how appreciative I am of her friendship! She even joined us and our families for Sully's 2nd birthday party this past weekend (more coming soon on that). 

I'd also be remiss not to mention the great group of gals I've met through the Charleston Blog Society. I even bunked up with Liz of Charleston Weekender for The Southern C Summit this year! 
These friendships are ones for the books and ones that I work at maintaining! So when Catherine got dates on the calendar for her and her husband to visit us in Charleston, we started talking about doing a girlfriends shoot around our gorgeous downtown. We used Rainbow Row, the Battery and all the gorgeous window boxes and streets in between as our backdrop (+ some fun Starbuck's Unicorn Frapps as props). I absolutely couldn't be happier with how these photos from Jennifer Collins turned out y'all! This isn't even half of them, make sure to follow along on Instagram to see more
So, how does one go about making blogger besties? 

While obvious, first and foremost, go follow them! Follow them on their blog, their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, subscribe to their e-newsletter and more. Follow who they follow and tag and begin to "meet" their blogging network. I also love discovering new bloggers through Bloglovin
Second, comment! Let them know who you are and what content you're enjoying. Ask questions, clearly we bloggers like to share information, so we love answering your questions :). 
Third, if you're visiting where they live, read their guides if they have them and reach out to them with other questions. If it seems right, ask if they'd like to grab coffee, drinks or a dinner double date.
Fourth, if you're a blogger yourself or work for a brand, ask if they'd like to collaborate! You can do a giveaway and cross-pollinate your readership. Or, like Catherine and I did, just do a fun photoshoot around town or have a simple coffee date. Don't forget to tag each other in all the behind the scenes before and postings afterwards! 
Finally, don't get discouraged if a blogger doesn't respond, especially if they're a big name blogger with a huge following. They most likely have a lot of folks reaching out already or are in the middle of collaborations and travel. I guarantee they're still reading and loving all your comments, likes and other communication though, so keep it up!
Bloggers seriously make the best of friends y'all. A lot of us are extroverted introverts (yes, that's a thing), so we're so down for a fun night out, but then we need a night or two in of quality wine and conversation. We also love to share and we love to listen and learn. And call us basic, but we're into #allthethings and usually have great suggestions for what to wear and where to buy it. These are just a few good things! :)
Shoutout to my fellow bloggers - love ya, mean it! Do you have blogger besties? What do you love about your blogger friends?
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