Thursday, May 25, 2017

I’ve Launched My Own Company! Introducing Pinckney Palm…

That’s right, the secret is out! Officially announcing this here is so exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time!

I’ve officially launched my own company: Pinckney Palm, Social Media Strategy

Go follow us on Instagram and Facebook! Coming soon - our website!

For some of you, this may not be new news as I've been teeing it up on my personal Instagram and sharing lots of fun on the Pinckney Palm Instagram too. Yet the most recent update is that I'm going "all-in" on my little business vs. previously I was still working with the Fortune 200 company I've been with the past four years. 

PHEW! Wow. Seriously, this is scary and surreal and EXCITING! 
Something had to give between still working with my last company, launching and running this new company and being a Mama and Wife to my 2 year old and hubby. While it was hard and a risky move, saying a very, VERY bittersweet goodbye to my previous company is the decision our family made (see ya security blanket 😳). 

So that's it, I’ve really done it y’all. Now I’m excited to share more, and yes, this post is in fact a little longer. But hey, launching your own company seems like a BFD to me J.

On this little blog I actually don’t talk a lot about my full-time job, since in fact, Attention to Darling is my creative outlet. So how did I get to the point of launching my own social media company?

Well, since taking a PR class focused on social media (namely, Twitter and blogging) back in 2008 at Clemson, I knew this was the field for me. After starting, producing content for and running Facebook and other social media pages for clients on the advertising agency side, I moved to a financial Fortune 200 company (What’s in Your Wallet? ;)) where I worked in the Agency Relations and Social Media Departments.

Even better, upon moving from DC to Charleston, this amazing company (which I can’t even begin to say enough wonderful things about!) allowed me to keep working remotely until I found my next career move. 
Well, if you live in Charleston, you know that it’s a very local and loyal small business town. Whenever I would mention that I work in social media and that I blog, I would usually get a lot of questions about social media and asking if I could help their small business with social. 

It became glaringly apparent that there was a gap in the market in Charleston and surrounding areas (hey there, St. Simons!). There was no one in the middle of a recent college grad or a blogger doing this on the side and a larger, pricey agency who doesn't even focus on social media as their core offering.

My wheels started to turn and after MUCH consideration and debate, I made the decision to make the leap from my awesome remote career where I had a steady and solid income and benefits to the huge gamble of creating my own company. 

Oh my gosh y’all, the conversations had between me and Ryan and family – if walls (and cars) could talk! Unanimously though, everyone was 100% on board and knew it would be a great move (even if I questioned it more than I’d like to admit).
Then when I told my previous company of my decision, they proposed continuing to work together! So amazing! That was almost three months ago and now here we are. I've been able to grow the Pinckney Palm side of things enough that I'm now at a crossroads where, as I mentioned, something had to give. So 100% Pinckney Palm it is y'all!

If you're wondering what I'm actually doing through Pinckney Palm, it's all things social media. We do robust social strategies, high level consulting, content creation (copy, graphics, images), paid campaign management (think: Facebook Ads), scheduling of content and analytics. 

Essentially, we help businesses who don’t understand or have time to do social media (but know it’s incredibly important) do it all strategically and without stress! They've got a lot more than their next Instagram post to focus on!

So that’s it y'all, I did it! Stay tuned for our website launch (and company launch party here in Charleston). Until then, go check out some of my wonderful, wonderful clients - PillowGrace, Dudley VanDyke and Room422

I’ll tell y’all – and here’s where I get sappy – God sure has a plan and a reason for everything. He is oh SO. GOOD! I feel blessed beyond measure. You know that scene (for any of you Mamas out there) where the ocean picks up a swimming Moana and just propels her to where she needs to go? Well, yeah, that’s what I feel like has happened with me and my life lately. He’s just picked me up and propelled me to where He wants me to go. And I’m oh so very, very, very grateful.

If you’re still with me, THANK YOU. Thank you for reading this blog, thank you for following along and supporting me. Your words, reads, clicks, follows, comments, emojis and love mean the world!

Stop by my office (so cool, I have my own office 🎉) if you’re ever in Mount Pleasant and we’ll cheers over a class of rosé! And don't forget to follow along with Pinckney Palm!
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