Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Our 5th Anniversary Photos in Paris!

This Sunday I will been have officially been married to my Mister for six wonderful years y'all! No better time to (finally) share the photos we had taken while we were in Paris for our five year anniversary in September. 
As is probably true for many girls, going to Paris has always been a bucket list dream. So when we decided to go there after the Amalfi Coast, I was ecstatic. Getting pictures with the Eiffel Tower seemed like a no brainer, especially to celebrate five years of happiness with my man. 
I couldn't be happier with the photos from Kiss Me In Paris, Gloria was insanely good! She would kindly yell (yes, she really was kind in her yelling haha) at people to get out of our shot to ensure we got the best photos. Couldn't recommend them enough, I mean, just look at their Instagram!
We shot at the Trocadero with the Tower behind us and in a nearby garden. It was a perfect place for photos! 
Now, this wouldn't be an anniversary post if I didn't say a little something about marriage and love for my main man. I'm not fudging when I say Ry and I really have had a fairy tale life together. It was love at first sight, engaged 9 months later and married a little over a year after that. We've lived in seven different homes, three different cities and bought three houses in this short time. We have our sweet two(!) year old Sully girl and two sweet pups. And now we live back home in South Carolina in our dream city of Charleston! 
Marriage has been the greatest gift and while it is a ton of work, I am so incredibly blessed that I get to do life with this man. He treats me like a princess and is THE best father. He works hard and is the smartest person I know. My love can't be put into words for this man, just writing this it feels like my heart is going to explode!
Cheers to doing life with you Ryan Alexander! I love you more than you could ever know.  
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