Friday, September 8, 2017

5 On Friday: Barbie Artwork, My Fav Dress & Justin Timberlake Lullabies!

Hi guys, what a Friday! As I'm typing this post, we've evacuated to Greenville, SC from Charleston for Hurricane Irma. We heard mandatory evacuation might start tomorrow, so we decided to get out while things weren't insane. 

It's sad y'all and it makes my heart heavy. Like, really heavy. Especially after seeing what happened so recently in Houston. I think of all the people and businesses this is going to affect. I hurt for the animals left behind and the people who don't have the means to get out. I wonder what's going to happen to our home we've worked so hard on this past year. I'm nervous it's going to take days to get back home. And months and months for our city to recover. See, some pretty heavy thoughts over here today. 

But ya know what, I'll be safe in Greenville with my family. And that's what matters. I taped this quote from Lara Casey's book Cultivate to my computer awhile ago and I'm trying to remember it today:


I'm just going to keep repeating that over these next few days. 

It feels a little funny to jump into a classic 5 on Friday today with these heavy thoughts on my mind. And I was about to write a totally different post for you today when I realized, these are the little things that help our mind take a break from the worry. So here it is, a classic, good 'ol 5 on Friday! 

As always, these posts do contain affiliate links. Meaning, if you click on some of these links they could send some change my way at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting this little blog!

I'm always on the hunt for artwork that's fun and inspiring to fill my office and home. When I saw this artwork from Vintage Ken and Barbie on Look Linger Love's Coral House account (which you should 100% check out because it's the most beautiful Bahamas home), I had to investigate further. 
 The artist and photographer's name is David Parise, go check out his Instagram! Here he is in action:
How fun is it, you guys?! Yes, some of it may be a little too out there for some people. I think this one may just be my choice of the bunch:
I picked up this Lush dress not too long ago when I was looking for a neutral and under $50 option for a speaking engagement. And I can't take it off y'all! I am OBSESSED! 
It's got the perfect amount of structure, a nice sleeve and is just flowy enough. I have the Bleached Sand color which is perfection, although I will tell you that you have to wear nude undergarments ;). I'm seriously considering also buying it in Navy and Red too.  

I discovered this wallpaper randomly on Instagram (@clairebellastudio) and have been dreaming about it ever since. We've got a guest bathroom that while updated, is begging for some personality with its white granite, neutral walls and all white everything else. This may be just the thing to put in the sink nook for a fun update!
I've fallen a tad in love with oils, especially adding them to my moisturizer or massaging them directly onto my face pre-moisturizer if I need an extra level of hydration. I even add them to damp hair to prevent dead ends, here's the one I use. The face oil I started using though was a bit expensive, so when I ran out, I was on the hunt for less expensive, but still effective, version. Enter Acure oils
At only $12, natural and fresh citrusy scented, it's love! I discovered them through Grove Collaborative, which I cannot recommend enough! It's how I get all my household and most of my skin care and Sully products. I trust their products are natural and not harmful. Plus, they're cheaper than buying the same brands at Target. Win, win.

Yes, you read that right. This one is for my Mama friends. Rockabye Baby which takes popular songs and turns them into lullabies has an all Justin Timberlake lullaby album. Think things like Bye, Bye, Bye, SexyBack and even Sully's Trolls movie favorite, Can't Stop the Feeling. I heard about this from Julia, the wonderful blogger behind Lemon Stripes. Check out the whole album here on Spotify. 
And while you're on Spotify, we've got a pretty sweet playlist of jams that we listen to at the Pinckney Palm office. 

That's a wrap folks!

Let me know if you're in Greenville and would like to catch up! This, of course, is pending Greenville not getting hit super hard either. 

Stay safe y'all!
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