Saturday, September 2, 2017

Clemson Game Day Outfits for the Family!

College football has ARRIVED!!!!! I'm seriously so pumped y'all. I've always been a college football gal, more specifically a Clemson football gal. We're a family of Clemson graduates and Ryan even proposed to me on the Clemson football field because it just means so much (thank goodness not during a game). 

We were unfortunately stuck at home with a sick baby girl (double ear infection, yuck) during the first game, so we did our own little tailgate. This then led me to jumping online to check out some new game day gear for us all, so I thought I would share with you today!
Ryan immediately chimed in with what he was in need of this year, a Clemson polo. The ones by Peter Milar are his favorite.
 This one is just a classic with the purple stripe and traditional paw. 
This is my favorite and only available in-store at MH Frank, but I think we'll call and see if we can snag one this year. 

I also love that Southern Tide is doing Clemson shirts, I love this white one for something a little more neutral. 
This is his go-to pullover that he probably will wear nearly every game (because we won the National Championship when he was wearing it, ha). Does anyone else have superstitious beaus?! 
And here is our favorite button down he owns, again from MH Frank so you'd have to call or visit to purchase:
For Sully, it's a little harder because there's not a ton of non-tacky :) little girls Clemson or true purple and orange tiger outfits. Here is my favorite find this time around though from Etsy:

This is my favorite dress from last year that I'm going to try and fit her in again. I do like Vive La Fete for Collegiate toddler and baby clothes. 
Fanatics has its mix of cute (and tacky!) Clemson clothes, I do love this purple gingham dress:
Have y'all heard of this company Primary? It's all solid basics for kids. I love their orange and purple and could see getting it monogrammed or getting a tiger patch put on a few things. 
This short sleeve dress is my favorite.

Finally for Sully, because we all know a good southern girl's outfit is not complete without a bow... these are my absolute favorite bows in terms of quality and price. 
For me, Stewart Simmons is still at the top of my list from this dress last year. Then I tend to go to lightweight orange dresses. It's still so hot in Clemson in the Fall, so you need lighter dresses in the stands this time of year still.  
It's sold out, but I'm loving this more casual option they have this year:
How perfect is this JCrew number?!
For $60 this strappy dress is so cute:
I'm digging this solid orange number on sale:
How cute is this open back t-shirt dress for $20?!
I love this relaxed and cute Free People dress (currently 40% off!):
I'm also a fan of good loungewear for days like we had today when we're watching the game from home. Interestingly enough, I found the relaxed cute top below from American Eagle! They have an awesome line of Clemson clothes, it's hard to pick just one thing to love. 
That's all for this random Saturday post! This is what happens when you have a sick baby y'all. You trade tailgating and bar watching parties for couch cuddles, puppy shaped nebulizers and tickle parties to hear your little wheezy girl laugh. And oh my goodness you guys, I would not in a million, trillion years trade it for the world. :)
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