Monday, November 6, 2017

My November 2017 Goals!

Hey November! I'm pretty stoked to see you, October was a bit of a doozie over here, not even gunna lie :). 
I was tracking my goals here on the blog as a way of accountability and in a funny way, another route of documenting our lives. While my goals have shifted dramatically since the beginning of the year now with owning my own business, I find tracking them SO helpful. I'm excited to get back to putting them on the blog!

The Powersheets by Lara Casey from Cultivate What Matters are my goal guide and planner of choice. They just launched the new ones, so run and get them before they sell out now! 

How the system usually works for me is that I look at my calendar towards the end of a month and before a new one starts. I jot down important things already on the calendar, big things I want to get done and then there's a spot for "I'm Excited For..." which I love so that I don't get bogged down in the heavy "to do" list. I also go back to the beginning of my Powersheets and check in on my big 10 goals I set when I started to make sure I'm working towards them. I use my iCal and Simplified Planner to track things on my calendar daily/weekly (a Sunday prep post is coming soon!).

Y'all - I have NO time to be doing this kind of thing, but it's amazing what an hour or two on the couch while Ry is watching TV can do for our whole month. We're such happier people because we plan and don't have surprises (which = stress)!

My one focal goal for the month is: Invest

I feel like this month is going to be a month of just going all in and investing in all I want to cultivate and get done before the holidays and really, the end of the year. I want to be able to enjoy time "off" (you're never really off in social media)!!! Plus, we're making some big investments in my business, go to today's post on my business Instagram to see one of them!

The Powerseets break things down into Monthly, Weekly and Daily Goals. I'm not going to share alllll of mine with you because that would be A LOT in this one post, but here are the personal ones I want to get done (I left out the boring work ones)!
  • Figure out my 30th birthday plans (+ write a long sappy post on it 😂) - My birthday is Christmas Eve and all of our plans we've tried to make thus far have fallen through because of a busy year-end calendar. Any suggestions?
  • Declutter Sully's room + Start her big girl book! These go hand in hand because there are 1 drawer and 2 boxes of "stuff" from her little life that I need to go through and organize/document. 
  • Send Christmas cards + chip away at gifts.
  • Welcome my bestie back home to South Carolina!!!!!!!! Y'all I am SO pumped about this one! After five years, my bestie is moving home to Greenville from San Diego. She recently had a precious baby boy who I can't wait to be closer to and have Sully love on. What should I do to really welcome her home well?!
  • Switch out winter clothes. 
  • Finally get the kitchen lights up! Bain of my existence y'all. 
  • Sunday prep - calendar, meals and financials. Like I mentioned, post coming soon on this process. 
  • Tend to the garden and get it ready for winter. 
  • Blog 2X/week at least.
  • Do Sully's journal/Write the Word each week. I decided to combine two goals in one and make my Write the Word journal a journal for Sully to document her life and my thoughts for her. My Mom did this for my siblings (and some for me) and it's neat to be able to look back and learn about our life through her eyes. 
  • Daily scripture. I use this book and love it, it's super short passages and is dates so I can usually get it done. I leave it on my bedside table for first thing in the AM. 
  • Enjoy Clemson weekend with all our favorites!

Gah this has me SO excited for November! It is a lot, but like my word of the month, I'm investing. I'm going all in on getting things done now so I can enjoy the holidays. 

That second bullet is a big one - do you guys have any advice for me for potty training?! AND moving her into a big girl bed?

Would love your suggestions!
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