Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Phillips Family is Moving Abroad!

I've stopped and started this post about 12 times y'all. It's hard to find the words for such an unexpected and huge thing to come along in our lives! I mean, here I am, thinking that my next big announcement would be a pregnancy (we're still praying hard for this one friends!) and that we've finally made it to our ultimate destination of Charleston where we're going to leisurely spend the rest of our lives while I build my business which has SO much momentum right now and God says:

"No my darling! I've got bigger plans for you!"

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have caught our Live where we made the big announcement with our Sully girl. You can also watch the replay by clicking here.

But of course, I had to hop on the blog and announce our news here, plus share some personal thoughts to document this time! So, what is this anoucement you ask? WE ARE MOVING TO LONDON! 😳🤗😬🤗
We have #allthefeelings about heading across the pond for a year right now - from excited, to stressed, to sad, to eager, we've got it all going on. It's coming so fast too, we move the first week of April! 

It sounds very glamorous to just pick up your life and move abroad for a year, but in reality you guys it is freaking scary as hell (excuse my language, but seriously). And there is SO much and I mean SOOOOOO much to figure out. 

Once I climb out of this hole of endless things to do in order to be able to move, I know it will be pure excitement. I mean, I can hop on a train and be in Paris in two hours. We've also already started our country bucket list and there are at least 14 countries on there now. EEK!

Ok so wait, how did this happen and how are we going to make it happen you may ask? Here are answer to the quetions we keep getting asked, just in case you're curious too. 


Ry works in mergers and acquisitions and he helped the London branch of his company here in Charleston acquire an awesome new company over there. So they asked him to move over for a year to help the two merge together and work through all the spreadsheets as I like to think of it (yes Ryan, I know you do more than spreadsheets every day, but hey this is how my brain works!). 

So we said yes after taking our trip over there to check it all out! I really did love London you guys. It's a huge city, but has a smaller feel and is so full of culture and life. Although, not going to lie, the fact that we're most likely going to live in 500 square feet of space where we know barely anyone is pretty scary. Ryan flies back over later this month to hopefully find the flat we'll be living in. 


Yes - we are renting out our house! See the Craigslist post here. I'm going to miss our little home, but gosh I'm glad we'll have a familiar place to come back to. 


Pinckney Palm will keep going! I'm going to pare my services down to social media consulting and one-time projects vs. the robust monthly support I'm providing 10 clients now. My amazing employee Sarah is looking for new opportunities, but we'll be keeping in touch for freelance work! My downtown office will be handed over to a new lucky person (let me know if you want the details!), but I hope to stay in touch with the landlord and come back to it eventually when we return.


Here's a happy part I'm looking forward to (besides all the travel)! Since my business is super busy right now, Sully is in full-time daycare. Now that I'm going to pare things down, and because daycare prices are INSANE over there, I get to keep Sully at home with me except for Mom's morning out 3 days a week. Let me know if you have any homeschooling tips or resources!


Now, here's the part that sucks the absolute most. We have to leave our dogs. Yep, my first babies and the furry loves that keep my stress down and snuggle me to sleep every single night have to stay behind. I'm devastated here, but you guys it's just not fair to them. They would have to go on the plane for hours and hours and their anxiety is already bad as it is being older. They could get quarantined and they'd have to live in our tiny flat with no yard where we'd be off traveling all the time. The tricky thing now is trying to find someone to care for them that we love and trust while we're gone. 


Yes, this is definitely a more joyus topic. The blog is coming back!!! I'll be getting my blogger groove back on and refuse to not document this insane journey! So make sure you're following my Instagram or Facebook to stay in the loop. 

Phew! Ok, so that's my life right now :). Exciting, but a lot to figure out! I'd be lying if I said the smiling faces and jumping for joy were the whole picture, there have also been so many tears and yes, a panic attack (or three!). 

I'm a firm believer though that God won't give you anything you can't handle. I'm also well aware of how incredibly blessed we are for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I do feel called to do this for my husband and family and ultimately lay over all my worry to Him. I know He has these spectacular plans that this gal who was born and raised in little 'ol Greenville, SC never ever imagined. 

So what words of advice or encouragement do you have for us?! I'm not ashamed to ask for it, we can use all the cheerleading we can get! :) Also, PLEASE let me know if you have friends in London, especially ones with kiddos. I would love to reach out to them! 

Finally - THANK YOU. We have had so many people cheering for us already (two of which have already booked plane tickets haha!) and we're so grateful. 
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