Thursday, March 22, 2018

🌍 Our 2018 Travel Bucket List 🌍

My oh my how 2018 is turning out to already be quite the year. It's one thing to start it off with what you think is a clear idea of your goals and loose schedule for the year just to have it completely turned on its head in the best possible way. Not going to lie, I'm a little sad I used up my Powersheets planning prior to knowing this change of plans. :)
The stresses of "immigrating" to another country for a year (y'all won't believe how intense the Visa process is!) are numerous, but gosh thinking of all the TRAVEL brings us so much excitement. So we made a bucket list of all the places we want to go in this next year and you guys, there just aren't enough weekends!!! 

Below is what we narrowed it down to - but we need your help! Either comment on this post or go to my Instagram post featuring our Buckingham Palace selfie and comment on any or all of the blow:
  1. If you had to choose a quick weekend in one of these places which one would you do: Cinque Terre, Ireland, Belgium or Holland (we're going to miss the tulips already) 
  2. What on this list would you skip?
  3. Are we going to any places at the wrong time of the year?
  4. What are we missing?
  5. Where should we stay and what should we do in these places?! I'll post individually on them too throughout the year because it is a little intense to think about getting recommendations on all of them at once. I have a note on my phone going for them though - so bring it on if you think of something!
A few call outs... the December Hawaii trip was already planned before our move, so no control there (we know it's going to be a looonngggg flight). We're excited and grateful to our parents for bringing us along to celebrate their big anniversary! 

We won't be taking Sully to Ibiza and Morocco, that trip is to celebrate our 30th birthdays (quite a bit after) while my Mom is in London.

Paris, Champagne and Amsterdam are already booked so no going back there! 

We'll still be abroad in 2019 so a couple other trips we're thinking about early next year are - Switzerland and Norway (for the northern lights!). We also hope to make it back to Positano at some point since it's our most favorite place in the whole world and we'd love to show it to Sully.

And who am I kidding, life happens and traveling is expensive so we may only make it to half of these places! Or maybe we'll just fly by the seat of our pants and look on a Thursday at what the cheap flights are and just go from there. I'd like to think I'm chill enough for that anyway :).

Also, we plan on taking advantage of London and all the fun day trips there too, I just didn't list them out!

Ok GO, let me hear your thoughts!!!
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